Our Journey Begins

Our story unfolds in 2001 in the UK, where our small team, driven by a vision to innovate in the survey industry, introduced Grader. This pioneering tool for market research survey providers not only marked our first step into the industry but has remarkably continued to serve customers to this day, two decades on.

Evolution and Milestones

The journey from Grader led us to develop Mojo Surveys, another significant stride in redefining customer feedback tools. This innovation captured the attention of industry giants, leading to Microsoft purchasing the IP for Mojo Surveys in 2015. This was a pivotal moment for us, validating our commitment to advancing survey technology.

Wizu: A New Era of Surveys

Post Mojo Surveys, our focus shifted to Wizu. Conceived to make surveys more than just a set of questions, Wizu was designed to be a conversational, engaging platform. By seamlessly integrating AI, it offers a survey experience that respects and understands the user, setting a new standard in the industry.

Wizu Feedback Agent: The Next Level

In 2023, we introduced the Wizu Feedback Agent, a culmination of our expertise and the latest advancements in AI. Built on the OpenAI platform, it takes the essence of Wizu and elevates it, offering an AI-powered GPT survey experience that is unmatched in its capabilities and insights.

Our Steadfast Impact

Throughout our journey, we've remained dedicated to making a quiet yet significant impact. From Grader, which continues to be a reliable tool for our clients, to the innovative Wizu Feedback Agent, we provide solutions that deliver deep, actionable insights, all while evolving with the times.

Our Enduring Philosophy

We are driven by the belief in the power of feedback — not as a mere data point but as a catalyst for change. Our innovations are a testament to this belief, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in feedback collection.

Join Our Endeavor

Experience the evolution of surveys with us. From the enduring reliability of Grader to the AI-driven sophistication of Wizu Feedback Agent, join us in transforming the way feedback is gathered and utilized.

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