Customer Stories

Wizu is a conversational SaaS platform to help you effortlessly gather customer stories, case studies and testimonials.

Introducing Wizu

Wizu uses conversational AI to help you to collect and manage the story collection process. You can then generate engaging story-based content at the touch of a button.

Here's how we help you

Interview your customer

Interview your customer using an automated and engaging conversational user interface, or use our conversational UI to guide your customer interview.

Manage your story pipeline

Edit your story in our easy-to-use editor and use the Wizu Smart Approval system to streamline the approval process.

Publish your

Easily publish your customer stories to your website and re-purpose the stories into modern conversational content such as case studies, testimonials and quotations.

Helping collect feedback
for over 20 years

600+ million
Surveys Sent

Builders of the first
Conversation Survey Chatbot

Traditional ‘Problem, Solution, Outcome’ case studies don’t work anymore.

Stop spreading boring case studies that nobody reads, and start collecting modern, conversational case studies that persuade.

Tap into your best assets: your successful customers

Customer Stories for Product Marketing

Create a more qualified pipeline faster

Prospects will relate to your customer stories and understand if your offering will be suitable for them at the very outset - they will self-qualify.

Prove the benefits of your product or feature through click-through testimonials and add the human element to your product or service marketing.

Customer Stories for Sales Enablement

Shorten the sales cycle and close faster

Wizu automation enables you to easily create content at scale to ensure you have complete Social Proof coverage for all your segments across products, locations and use-cases.

Overcome objections with social proof from customers that had the same reservation. Reduce the risk for your prospect and increase the chance of the deal.

Whatever You Do, Be A Better Storyteller

Use Wizu to help tell your stories

Wizu will help free up your time from doing menial tasks. You’ll spend less time begging PR departments for approval and more time for strategic work.

How to get started?

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