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Wizu enables you to gather feedback in-the-moment and create engaging, adaptive interactions that go beyond traditional survey-based feedback collection.

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Our Mission

We built the first conversational customer experience platform to allow companies to create engaging feedback interactions. We want to rid the world of boring survey forms and bring brands and their customers closer together.

Built for Voice of the Customer programs using our 17 years of VoC experience and expertise. Perfect for Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, brand surveys, customer service surveys and more. Use Wizu for...

Higher completion rates

Deeper level of insight

Better respondent experience

Increased customer loyalty


Measure What's Working & Fix What's Broken

AI powered analytics detects patterns and identifies pain points to help you optimise and improve experiences

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Wizu IQP

Wizu Intelligent Question Probing uses real time AI to ask relevant follow up questions based on topic and sentiment.

On Brand

You can easily customise your chatbot and conversations to match your brand look and tone.

Encourage Referrals

Allow your happy customers to share feedback via social channels or review sites.

Take Action

Collect customer complaints or close the feedback loop in real time to resolve issues.

Automate Workflows

Set follow up actions based on response criteria to automate workflows within your team.

Discover Insights

Uncover feedback trends quickly through powerful text analytics reports and dashboards..

Transform Your Customer Experience

Make significant changes by driving meaningful actions before, during and after an experience.

Understand Your Customer Journey

Capture feedback through multiple touch points to understand the experience across every customer journey and highlight painpoints.

Get More Why

Conversational surveys offer higher completion rates and deliver 91% more actionable insight than traditional surveys helping you prioritise improvements.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Amplify your positive feedback to help grow your business and improve retention by automating workflows for unhappy customers.

What Wizu Pioneers Say

These CX experts are already on board with the Wizu conversational feedback revolution!

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It is unheard of to see an average engagement time of over 10 minutes with a 70% completion rate. This type of result just simply could not be obtained by any other survey provider.

Morris Pentel, CXFO
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Wizu has become hugely important in the work that Scope does and this more engaging approach has resulted in us getting more honest feedback and has brought some incredibly useful insight.

Wayne Laws, Scope
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Simple survey questions are good, but when you add the interactive and conversational component of AI, it takes the surveys to a different level. It engages the customer in a survey experience that increases participation and can eliminate survey fatigue.

Shep Hyken, CX Legend

What Our Clients Customers Say

The people that really matter! These are recent, genuine comments made by survey respondents through Wizu.

I loved it, straight forward and interactive.

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Wizu Respondent

It's different and super fun. I want to do more that survey I wish it was longer!! I love it a lot

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Wizu Respondent

Very easy to complete and different from most surveys, made the experience much more interesting.

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Wizu Respondent

So different in a good way! Loved that chat, feels so much nicer than typical repetitive surveys.

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Wizu Respondent

Really engaging and I wrote a lot more than I would in a normal survey.

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Wizu Respondent

It was more interactive, like I was having a conversation, I would like more surveys to be like this.

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Wizu Respondent

The survey was really fun and I felt as if my opinions really mattered.

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Wizu Respondent

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