Meet Wizu, the chatbot for customer feedback.

Wizu is a friendly chatbot that gathers valuable customer experience feedback on your behalf. It can ask questions of your customer, just like a survey, but in a two-way conversation.

Whether you’re after NPS, CSAT or CES metrics, Wizu will ask structured questions, selected by you, in a manner that is fun and adds further to a sense of great customer experience.


People love to chat. Why should an organization be any different? Sadly, surveys are one-directional and, frankly, a bit outdated. Today, customers want to have a conversation with companies they deal with.

Wizu provides the best of both worlds. Let it speak to your customers in a way that’s interactive and less restrictive. Wizu can be used for a wide range of purposes from VoC, Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction and more.

How It Works


Wizu makes it quick and easy for you to start getting feedback from your customers. Choose a bot, or create your own, then simply select a template or create a conversation from blank, adding in questions, routing and responses.


Upload your invitation data with any personalized data you might want to include or simply publish the conversation to generate your URL. Your survey will look great on all devices and you can start collecting responses immediately.


You can monitor the results in real-time and view a range of dashboards which will help provide actionable insight that you can use to improve your customer experience and therefore improve your business.



Embed information about what the chat is about, such as a case number, order number or the respondent’s name. Personalization increases response rate and improve the quality of the responses.


Choose the right bot for your audience. Use Wizu or design a bot that reflects your brand’s persona with your own profile picture and style. Be Wizu or be you, the choice is yours.


Creating your feedback questions couldn’t be easier. Simply tell Wizu the topics you would like to cover and which aspects to measure. Wizu will put together a conversation and you can tweak the language used.

Companies we are working with

A panel of customer experience experts have selected Wizu for the award of ‘Voice of the Customer Innovation’ at the UK National Innovation Awards 2017. The awards were open to any ‘technology innovation that facilitates or improves understanding of customers’ wants, needs and priorities based on feedback and or interaction analytics.’

After being shortlisted from a list of 10 companies to the final 4, Wizu went on to secure the overall vote, recieving some fantastic feedback from the judging panel.


Just like Wizu, we’re chatty!  Get in touch with us below – we’d love to hear from you.

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