Hi, I'm Wizu, The Chatbot For Conversational Surveys


I can help you increase response rates, improve customer experience and gain more actionable insight.

Hi! I'm Wizu, the AI chatbot for conversational surveys

If you are looking to increase response rates, improve customer experience and gain more actionable insight then Wizu is the next evolution in surveys you have been waiting for.

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Meet Wizu, The AI Chatbot For Conversational Surveys.

If you are looking to increase response rates, improve customer experience and gain more actionable insight then Wizu is the next evolution in surveys you have been waiting for.

Wizu uses power artificial intelligence to analyze responses in real time allowing you to route by sentiment and word groups to create truly personalized and engaging conversational surveys.

Conversational Surveys

No more form based surveys! Wizu offers personalized, engaging conversational surveys to improve the experience and increase completion rates.

Artificial Intelligence

Wizu is an AI powered chatbot that can understand sentiment and adapt conversations in realtime depending on customer responses.

Powerful Insights

Wizu offers a range of dashboards, visual reports and text analytics replacing the pain of data analysis with the power of actionable insight.

Millions of engaging conversations already taken

Integrate with Salesforce to combine customer feedback with business data

Combine Wizu with Salesforce to unlock even further insight and close the loop. Wizu Salesforce surveys allow you to trigger conversational surveys based on customer activity, send responses to Salesforce records, embed customer data into surveys, start workflows based on survey responses and more.

Collect and act on customer feedback in real-time

Improve response rates

Get treble the amount of responses than traditional survey platforms with our personalised, conversational surveys.

Gain actionable insight

View our range of reporting dashboards and powerful text analytics to turn customer responses into actions.

Simple set-up

Automate surveys by connecting your CRM or importing a customer list and launch conversations in minutes.

Why Do We Still Need Surveys In 2018?

In the days of big data and social scraping do we still need surveys? Survey fatigue has never been higher as traditional, form-based surveys are viewed as boring and work-like.

So, are surveys now redundant? In terms of long form-based surveys the answer is probably yes. However, for conversational surveys using a chatbot (like Wizu) here are 10 reasons why not.

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We discuss the 7 Secrets for Successful Surveys With Shep Hyken

How would you like to provide a better survey experience for your customers?

Shep Hyken speaks with Martin Powton, Marketing Manager at Wizu. They discuss the importance of receiving feedback and how to overcome some potential issues with creating the wrong survey for your business and your customers.

Companies we are working with

A panel of customer experience experts have selected Wizu for the award of ‘Voice of the Customer Innovation’ at the UK National Innovation Awards 2017. The awards were open to any ‘technology innovation that facilitates or improves understanding of customers’ wants, needs and priorities based on feedback and or interaction analytics.’

After being shortlisted from a list of 10 companies to the final 4, Wizu went on to secure the overall vote, recieving some fantastic feedback from the judging panel.

What Our Customers Say

It is unheard of to see an average engagement time of over 10 minutes with a 70% completion rate. This type of result just simply could not be obtained by any other survey provider.

Morris Pentel, Chairman, CXFO

Wizu has been a huge step up for us in terms of getting more responses and better insight from our customers. The integration with Salesforce has meant we can automate a huge amount of activity and we already starting to see big increases in our cx metrics.

Head of Customer Experience, Finance Company

Being able to create one survey that has such flexibility and personalization has been a massive benefit for us. Our customers and staff have really responded to this more engaging way of communicating. We keep discovering new ways to use Wizu and it has become an integral part of our company. 

Call Centre Manager, Utilities Company

We initially used Wizu as a better way of processing website leads and new candidate sign ups but have expanded to utilise for client satisfaction and employee engagement. It is really easy to use and delivers fantastic results and the team are always extremely helpful.

CEO, Recruitment Company

Ready to start getting to know your customers?

See why more companies are turning to Wizu to better understand and improve customer experience.