Personalised Surveys

Increased Engagement

Amazing Feedback

Scrap The Boring Form-Based Surveys That Nobody Wants

Your Customers Deserve A Conversational Survey

Most businesses want to provide a better customer experience but are limited by the responses from traditional surveys. Form-based surveys are un-engaging and frustrating for customers.

Many businesses face problems such as...

Unable to prioritise

Frustrated by lack of feedback

Feeling disconnected from their customers

Irritated by low response rates

Unsure how to get better engagement

Losing customers due to bad experiences

Simple survey questions are good, but when you add the interactive and conversational component of AI, it takes the surveys to a different level. It engages the customer in a survey experience that increases participation and can eliminate survey fatigue.

Shep Hyken, CX Legend

At Wizu, we use survey technology that engages your customers in conversation so you can collect better feedback.

We understand how frustrating it is not to have your customer give more valuable feedback. We want to provide engaging and conversational surveys so that you can improve customer retention and grow your business. 

We are dedicated to...

Helping you engage with your customers

Identifying pain points & making improvements

Receiving reliable & actionable feedback