Conversational Customer Surveys

Create engaging AI powered surveys to help you measure and improve customer experience.

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Engage With Your Customers

Create engaging conversational surveys that deliver results.

Higher Response Rates

Get 5 times the completion rate of traditional form based surveys.

Better Quality Data

Get 91% more actionable insight through Wizu's intelligent question probing.

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On Brand Surveys

Our fully customisable conversations ensure you can deliver a survey experience consistent with your brand.


Pass through customer data or take respondents down dynamic paths.


Replicate a real staff member and add reactions to humanise your survey.

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Prioritise What's Important

Go beyond feedback collection and start to prioritise change to improve the customer experience.

Identify pain points

Text analytics and customer journey mapping pin point specific areas of frustration.

prioritise changes

Our unique reporting highlights the areas having the most impact on your business.

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Easy AI Set Up

Pre built templates and our simple drag and drop editor makes it easy for you to create awesome surveys.

No coding required. Out the box AI probing

Built in validation, probing, prompting and more

Extend through journey maps and routing

Pre-built models to expand probing around common themes

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Outcomes and Actions

The Customer Journey doesn't end when the survey finishes. Get your promoters to promote and deal with unhappy customers through our range of automation tools.


Encourage happy customers to share their feedback via social channels.


Give respondents a platform to complain before they hit social media.


Deal with common issues or automate follow ups through workflows.


Connect to your CRM or utilise our APIs to automate the process.

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Map Feedback To Touchpoints

Track feedback across your whole customer journey by automatically generating surveys based on your touchpoints.

Convert Maps

Turn your static customer journey maps to dynamic feedback maps.

Touchpoint Analysis

Get visibility across all touchpoints to help identify pain points.

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Get A Deeper Understanding

Wizu goes beyond simple metrics to show you correlations, sentiment, themes and more.

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Get More Why

Qualitative techniques to prompt, probe to gather more meaningful responses.

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Automate Analysis

Text analytics analyses sentiment and themes and identify trends.

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Verbatim Explorer

Delve deeper into customer comments to better understand customers.

What Wizu Pioneers Say

These CX experts are already on board with the Wizu conversational feedback revolution!

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It is unheard of to see an average engagement time of over 10 minutes with a 70% completion rate. This type of result just simply could not be obtained by any other survey provider.

Morris Pentel, CXFO
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Wizu has become hugely important in the work that Scope does and this more engaging approach has resulted in us getting more honest feedback and has brought some incredibly useful insight.

Wayne Laws, Scope
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Simple survey questions are good, but when you add the interactive and conversational component of AI, it takes the surveys to a different level. It engages the customer in a survey experience that increases participation and can eliminate survey fatigue.

Shep Hyken, CX Legend

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