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Our powerful text analytics turns your survey data in actionable insight. Instantly.

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Save Time & Increase Actionability

Real-time sentiment and topic analysis enables you to gain deeper insight across all your customer feedback.

Track theme sentiment over time

Identify the most important issues

Uncover correlations across different segments

Automate analysis to give you more time to take action

Identify and track themes and see how your improvements affect them

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Generate Priorities and Increase Satisfaction

Identify key areas to improve and make a direct impact on improving customer loyalty .

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Increase Revenue

Understand the 'why' behind customer feedback to drive more sales.

Decrease Churn

A deeper understanding leads to more loyal and satisfied customers.

Simple Set Up

Free up more time for staff to take actions and improve experience.

Visualise Data

Quick and easy ways to view and share insights across your company.

See Big Picture

See what your customers are talking about the most and the language they are using.

Track Over Time

Track important themes to measure the impact of your changes on customer experience.

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Heard About Wizu Smart Comments?

Our intelligent text question that can be embedded into your existing survey to get more detailed responses through dynamic prompts and messages.

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