Supercharge Your Feedback Comments

Wizu Smart Comments encourage respondents to provide more detailed responses through dynamic prompts and messages.

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Add AI Powered Intelligent Questions To Your Surveys

With simple integration options you can take the Wizu Smart Comments question and insert into your existing surveys to supercharge your open text questions.

Then either view the results via our Text Analytics reporting or simply pass through to your existing platform. Simple, yet super effective.

Taking Comment Questions To A Whole New Level

Our unique Wizu Smart Comments offer a range of functionality designed to provide you with deeper and more actionable insight.


Clarify points in real-time to ensure better quality data.


Dynamic probing uncovers more detailed insight through follow up questions.


Subtle, dynamic messages.provide additional help to ensure better quality responses


Progress bar encourages respondents to provide more details along with suggestions.


Move the conversation down different paths depending on the sentiment and topic mentioned.


Responses are automatically tagged based on theme and sentiment to provide insight.

Combine With Text Analytics

Wizu Smart Comments produces better quality data which, combined with our powerful Text Analytics, offers more actionable insight and a better understanding of your customers.

Track sentiment scores over time

Identify and prioritise the most important issues

Uncover correlations across different segments

Automate analysis to give you more time to take action

Identify and track themes and see how your improvements affect them

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Take A Look At Wizu Smart Comments In Action

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Absolutely! The text box can automatically detect the language and provide prompts and analysis in the relevant language.
Yes, we provide you with a simple snippet of code and you simply insert the code where you would like the question to appear. Alternatively, you can reference our JavaScript library and configure Wizu Smart Comments to work seamlessly in your existing survey.
Yes, responses are analysed for themes and sentiment and full text analytics reporting is provided via the Wizu Text Analytics platform.
Data is stored in an EU data centre in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
Yes, depending on how you use the question you can customise the look and messages through simple CSS.
No, the question can be used with Customer Effort Score, Customer Satisfaction and any scenario to replace a standard comment question
Yes, if you have a particular problem area such as the web site, you could check for the outputted entities and ask a follow up question based on that.
When used with Wizu Text Analytics, the Model can be used to provide matches that should be prompted for more information, or matches that should be ignored.
Yes, you can provide Wizu with existing data and we can run it through the Wizu Text Analytics platform.
Yes, please contact us for more information.
a. This question type can be used by anyone who wants to get better quality verbatim comments. That could be for Market Research, Customer Feedback and many more.
The product is built for NPS, CES and CSAT feedback comment boxes
Yes, Wizu Smart Comment is designed so that it can be embedded inside an existing survey.
Yes, we have open APIs that allow data to be passed through into Wizu and also passed back out to an external platform.
This question is based around probing one specific question. If you wanted to ask multiple questions, then you can utilise the full Wizu solution to build out a complete conversational survey.
Yes, the interface is responsive so will display optimally on all devices.
Your comment question will revert to a simple comment question as before.
Wizu Smart Comments is typically combined with Wizu Text Analytics to provide a deeper insight. This can be removed however so that information is not stored in the cloud, simply passed back to the hosting survey.