Why Customer Stories

Why Customer Stories

Humans have always used word-of-mouth recommendations in their purchasing behaviour, which is more true today than ever. There are many types of social proof used today, and they all serve to provide the confidence for the buyer to continue their buying journey.

Why stories?

Stories are the Human API.

A word-of-mouth recommendation is more than a simple comment; it would usually involve telling the story of the customer's experience. Somehow though, we’ve lost the story aspect to most of the social proof we use today. Testimonials only give the headline, and traditional case studies have evolved into the “Challenge | Solution | Outcome” paradigm because they are easier to create but are not relatable. Case studies don’t engage and are not focused on what the reader needs.

Stories vs Reviews

Unlike other types of social proof such as third party reviews, you maintain complete control over story, the messages and the next action you want your customer to take. Wizu, provides the third party authority that your prospects can rely on
Benefits of using Story Social Proof:

Build A Content Machine


Revolutionize your social content with a drip-feed of customer stories.


Auto-generate hundreds of ready-to-use marketing assets


Turn one customer interview into engaging, click-through content in many formats:
  • Testimonial
  • Quote
  • Story
  • Conversational Case Study
  • Classic Case Study


All shareable and trackable.

Streamline your story collection process

Reduce the heavy admin burden of gathering and signing off customer stories. Overcome the approval nightmare and easily gain consent using our Wizu Smart Approvals process.

Stories at scale

Send trust signals in high volumes. The ability to quickly produce high volumes of customer stories enables you to build up credibility across all your target services, skills and vertical markets.

Build trust and authority

Prospects don’t believe what we say, but they do believe their peers. Build trust without bragging or using marketing cliches.

Humans naturally trust stories by default. Wizu independently verifies your customer’s identities to assure your prospects the stories are real.

Reduce time and money

Reduce the need for external consultants to interview your customers.

Cement your existing relationships

Publicly make a commitment between your organization and your customer. Position your clients as successful thought leaders and enhance their standing in their organizations.


Illustrate what a product or feature means to a customer in human and emotional terms. Translate even the most boring product into human meaning.

Take control of reviews

Maintain control of the social proof and the message you want your prospect to understand. Choose the Call To Action after each story to progress the customer to the next step on the buying journey.