Wizu voc solution

Build An Engaging VoC Program To Turbo Charge Your Customer Experience

Create a truly powerful Voice of the Customer program with our suite of tools designed to deliver you the insights you need while creating a deeper connection with your customers.

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Feedback At Every Touchpoint

Listen to your customers no matter what stage they are at in the customer journey. Wizu elevates your VoC program beyond simple surveys to integrated, personalised, conversational interactions.

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Discover the 'Why' Behind The 'What'

Get a deeper understanding of customer emotions and what drives behaviour with our award winning intelligent question probing to help you discover hidden insight from your customers.

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Turn Data In Actions

Our innovative platform uses sentiment and text analytics to surface pain points and key insight to help you take action and improve customer retention and loyalty.


Wizu Voice of the Customer Program

Wizu is more than just a conversational survey provider. We offer a complete VoC solution that can offer benefits throughout your organisation and at all stages of the customer experience. Below are some of the areas Wizu can be used for.

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Research Stage

Engage with your customers before they even become customers through website feedback, interactive quizzes, FAQs, competitor analysis surveys and more.

> Website pop ups
> Assessments
> Competitor Analysis
> FAQs
> Quizzes


Purchase Stage

Generate better quality leads and create more customers through conversational lead capture forms, create automated workflows to improve your processes and more.

> Lead capture forms
> Workflow management
> Win/loss survey

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Delivery Stage

Measure and improve your customer experience with a range of templates designed to measure customer satisfaction, deal with customer complaints and increase customer loyalty.

> Onboarding
> Always On - Concierge, FAQs, Email Footer
> Transactional and Relational Surveys (CES & CSAT)
> Post meeting/event survey
> Project pulse survey


Post Delivery Stage

Keep an ongoing relationship with your customers through ongoing conversations, generate reviews and handle customer complaints.

> Post support survey
> Complaint handling
> Relational survey
> Case Studies
> Review Generation

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Find out more about our Voice of The Customer Discover package which offers a full solution with expert consultancy built in.

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Powerful Customer Insights That Can Transform Your Business.

Put your customers at the centre of your organisation with real-time insights into how your customers feel at each stage in the journey. Wizu can help you understand what matters most to your customers so you can take action to increase profits and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ready to start listening to the voice of you customer? Book a free demo today.

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