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The current Coronavirus situation is clearly having a big impact on our lives, including dramatically changing the way we all work. As more companies are moving to a remote working set up it can prove difficult for individuals and organisations to adjust. In our own small way we want to try and help. We have always been a remote based company and so have put together our tips and advice on remote working with input from all across our teams. Hopefully this can help those that are having to change to remote working for the first time adjust to a new environment.

We are also making our Wizu Remote Employee Pulse tool free for all companies to use, regardless or if you are already a Wizu customer or not. We hope this helps you keep connected with your employees and offer them support and help at this difficult time. This tool will be completely free until September 2020. After that point you can either sign up with Wizu or simply cancel with no charges – this is a not for profit exercise.

New to working from home? Get our tips and advice in our Guide To Remote Working

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Remote Employee Pulse

The Wizu Remote Employee Pulse helps you better understand your remote workforce. It enables companies to check if employees are doing OK, if they have what they need and ensure you can identify improvements to enable employees to stay productive. It also helps measure exposure to the virus to help you plan moving forward.

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How Does It Work?

The Remote Employee Pulse will exist as a template within your account and will allow you to collect up to 100 responses per month.

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  1. 1
    Create Your Survey

    Either use the existing template or tweak to match your companies needs.

  2. 2
    Collect Responses

    Share your survey with employees and start collect responses.

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    View Insights

    Get instant reporting and set up automated workflows to take action.

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