Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys

Wizu can help you improve response rates and gain deeper, more actionable insight from your NPS surveys by allowing you to create engaging, interactive and personalized survey conversations.

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What Is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Put simply, NPS is a simple way of understanding how your customers feel about your organization by asking one simple question: would they recommend you to others?

By asking this question it’s possible to get a sense of the likelihood of your existing customers continuing to purchase goods and services from you.  If they are willing to recommend you to others, they are more likely to continue to purchase.  If they would not, or even if they seem fairly ambivalent towards you, they are less likely to use you again.

NPS categorizes respondents into three categories:

Promoters – These are customers that will actively state that they are happy with dealing with you. They may well promote your organization to others they come into contact with.  Typically, promoters will leave you a positive review about you if asked.

Passives – Whilst you have probably delivered good service to these customers, Passive customers just don’t feel strongly enough to go out of their way to recommend you.  They are almost neutral, but even if they feel positively, the score isn’t high enough to warrant action.

Detractors – These customers have experienced a level of service, or received a product, that does not meet their expectations.  It could be that the product is great, but the after sales care was poor.  Or they were happy with the relationship but they are unhappy with what they received.  Whichever it is, Detractors are making the effort to actively state that they would certainly not recommend you to others.

How To Calculate NPS

In the question ‘how likely are you to recommend our business?’, the respondent is asked to rate the answer on a scale of one to ten.  Based on the response, the respondent is categorized as follows:

0-6 – Detractors
7-8 – Passives
9-10 – Promoters

NPS Scoring

You’ll notice how hard it is to be categorized as a promoter.  You have to be delivering exceptional service and goods to get those nines and tens.

The Net Promoter Score is is calculated as the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors.

Let’s say you have 100 respondents split into 7 Detractors, 55 Passives and 38 Promoters.  Your NPS score would be 31 (38-7).  Because of this calculation, it is possible to have a negative score.  You’re looking to get as close to 100 as possible.

Find out more about NPS by viewing our slideshare on 'Everything You Need To Know About Net Promoter Score' below or read our blog on '5 Biggest Net Promoter Score Mistakes and How To Avoid Them'.

How To Measure NPS With Wizu

Wizu offers better completion rates, better respondent experience and gathers more actionable insight than traditional net promoter score surveys. Our artificial intelligence powered chatbot can analyze responses in real time, allowing you to vary follow up questions based on the sentiment of answers or keyword triggers.

Wizu allows you to create personalized and interactive NPS surveys by dynamically including customer specific context such their name, product or any other data you have. If they leave you a low rating then Wizu can delve deeper into understanding why and provide you with dashboards and reports to turn that data into actions.

Wizu allows you to create your own custom chatbot, customize the layout and either use an existing conversation template or create your own. It can be 1 question or 100 questions and we have a range of question types available to keep the respondent engaged including single select, multiple choice, scale ratings, emoji, open text and more. Embed images or videos and add reactions based on answer criteria to create the ultimate survey experience.


Wizu is not just about offering a better experience though, we want to give you the tools and information you need to improve customer experience. We provide a range of reports and dashboards to give you the actionable insight you need to drive your business forward.

Text Analytics: Wizu can analyze your response and bring you the most common topics mentioned. Filter by NPS type or positive and negative comments and display by the areas most impacting your customer sentiment. You don’t need to read through 1,000s of customer comments to pick out the key trends, Wizu does it all for you.

Dashboards: We provide a range of dashboards at conversation level so you can see the trends, scores and comments and even track multiple metrics against each other to find positive and negative correlations.

Insights: We also provide overall Insights across the organization so you can see how your company is performing across all areas and break down the data even further..

See our demo NPS survey below to see an example of how Wizu can use AI to improve your NPS.

Try Our Demo NPS Survey

Integrate Your NPS Surveys Directly With Salesforce

If your customer data is being stored in Salesforce then Wizu can easily and instantly connect your survey data with your customer data. Your customer satisfaction survey responses can be mapped directly into cases, leads, contacts or any customer or standard object in Salesforce. You can even set up triggers to send surveys out from Salesforce and embed customer information into your survey.

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