Conversational FAQs

Use Wizu to answer frequently asked questions or common issues to help you engage better with your customers and increase sales.

Your customers have a number of frequently asked questions regarding your business and want a convenient way to find this information out. They want a quick and concise answer and they don’t want to have to email or call you for the information.

Address these frequently asked questions is only part of it through. An FAQ solution done right can become an effective addition to your website and serve a number of function such as;

  • Lowering the burden on customer support by providing access to common questions
  • Address any anxieties your website content doesn’t address
  • Improve customer engagement by answering questions in more creative ways
  • Earn trust through sharing product expertise and explaining more about your business

FAQs in Wizu

An FAQ page is a great start to dealing with common issues but they also have a number of issues. Customers might struggle to find the question they want to ask or the wording might appear differently to how they would ask. They can often be quite intimidating if you have answers to every question in one location and lack any real engagement.

Moving your FAQ page into a chatbot conversation offers a number of advantages over the traditional approach that can lead to better engagement and better results.

Your chatbot can add a little personality to the conversation and answer questions in a more fun and engaging way. Rather than addressing all the issues in one large page you can allow the customer to ask the question in their own words or choose from some common areas to see popular questions within this area. This allows you the flexibility to route your conversation down different paths based on the question your customer is asking.

You can embed videos and images or even direct them to a different page on the website.

An FAQ page can also often be difficult for a customer to find. Wizu FAQs can be triggered via a website popup which means no matter which page your customer is on the FAQ is always available and it can also vary the content depending on which page on the site you are on.

If your customer has a question that Wizu can’t answer, then you can automate a process to contact a customer support agent instantly and let the customer know someone will get back to them. You can then add this question to the conversation if required and continue to build out your questions over time.

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