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Use Wizu to gather feedback from employees, measure their emotion and collect regular metrics to help you improve employee engagement.

Pulse surveys are often used by companies to gauge how employees are feeling at any given time. They typically consist of single, short questions posed on a specific channel on a series of dates and time. People respond more when they are asked a single question. The organization asking the question gets an instant feel for how things are going.

Why is it called a pulse survey?  By asking the same question over a long period of time, you can see how you’re performing using the same ‘markers’.  Think of it like a doctor taking the pulse of a patient – you’re looking for variations, changes in the beat, to spot anything unusual.  Once you find something that doesn’t fit what you were expecting, you can investigate further.

Over time, you’ll be able to identify any changes in employee experience. You’ll be able to take better informed decisions that delight your employees because you’re correlating the results back to your organization’s operations.

Pulse Surveys in Wizu

We’re all conscious of the time and effort it could take to answer a series of questions.  That’s partly why long, drawn out surveys are no longer effective.  No one has time to complete them, which is one reason Wizu is so great – it can send a pulse survey to your employees.

Decide on the question you wish to ask your employees – keep it simple!  Wizu will send out an invitation via email with a link to the chat, where the question is asked and response options given.

Once an employee has told you what they think, the data is stored for you to review at any moment. You track the pulse of the question over time.

Short, simple, effective.

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