Measure and Improve Your Customer Support Process

Wizu can help you identify weaknesses in your customer support process through engaging surveys built around customer touch points.

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Wizu and Customer Support

Wizu understands the importance of Customer Support and that is why we have created specific survey templates built around Customer Support and range of reports and workflows to help you measure and improve customer experience.

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Journey Maps

Pre built Customer Support journey maps identify common touchpoints which you can customise to match your use case.

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Generate Survey

Automatically generate a survey based on touchpoints to collect ratings and verbatim comments and add additional questions.

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Visualise Data

Get a visual representation of the customer support experience across all your touchpoints and see ratings and text analytics.

Want to know more about Customer Support? Take a look at our ultimate guide.

Preview A Live Survey

Below is an interactive preview of a Wizu Customer Support conversation. Change the survey, chatbot and theme to see the live survey change.

Simple Distribution Through Multiple Channels

Survey your customers in a way that suits them with simple distribution options.


Custom emails are sent to addresses you provide.


Gather feedback via embed or web pop up.


Initiate the conversation via a text message invite.


Share your survey link via social, email and more.

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Get To Your Headline Data Easily With Simple Yet Powerful Dashboards

Forget spreadsheets, with Wizu all your feedback is available instantly in easy to use dashboards.

Filter Reports

Slice your feedback however you like using attributes you assign to the customer.

Combine Sources

Measure multiple touch points and track within a single dashboard view.

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Get 91% More Actionable Insight With Real-Time AI

Wizu uses artificial intelligence during the conversation to enable a more dynamic conversation that produces more actionable data.

Wizu AI Probing asks the right questions to get a deeper level of understanding

Prompt the respondent for topics not mentioned

Validate responses to improve data quality

Use sentiment to ask different follow up questions

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Save Time & Increase Actionability With Text Analytics

Real-time sentiment and topic analysis enables you to gain deeper insight across all your Net Promoter Score feedback.

Track theme sentiment over time

Identify the most important issues

Uncover correlations across different segments

Automate analysis to give you more time to take action

Identify and track themes and see how your improvements affect them

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Close The Loop & Automate Actions

Close the loop within the conversation, automate post feedback workflows and view individual customers stories.

Close The Loop: Post Survey

Automate alerts to relevant people with Workflows, tag individual feedback for follow ups and integrate with your CRM to automate the process after the survey.

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Close The Loop: During Survey

Resolve the issues within the conversation to turn your detractors into promoters and improve customer support.

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See Feedback In Context

View transcripts to see the full conversation and share individual customer stories.

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Simple Integrations To Bring All Your Customer Data Together

Trigger surveys from your CRM, sync response data to customer records, utilise APIs and more with our seamless integrations.

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Easy To Set Up - No Coding or Tech Knowledge Needed

Wizu does all the clever stuff behind the scenes allowing you to create a simple survey in minutes with pre built NPS survey templates and a drag and drop editor.

Improve Your Customer Engagement

The Wizu survey experience takes what used to be a boring experience and makes it into an engaging, personalised one.

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On Brand Surveys With Personality

Branding is more than just a logo. Create the messages and tone that matches your brand for a more consistent and engaging experience.

Increase Customer Advocacy

Encourage respondents to follow you on social media, share their feedback or leave a review.

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