Wizu can help you measure and improve customer satisfaction through creating engaging, personalized and interactive conversational customer satisfaction surveys.

Below we take you through an introduction to customer satisfaction. If you would rather get straight into seeing how Wizu Customer Satisfaction surveys work then click the button below to skip the intro.

What Is Customer Satisfaction?

Let’s start with a quick customer satisfaction definition. Customer Satisfaction surveys, or CSAT, are used to help companies measure the satisfaction level of their customers. Customers can express their satisfaction/ dissatisfaction with the service, a particular product or individual transaction. Often this is done through one main question – how satisfied are you with your product?

Here are some examples of customer satisfaction uses:

Product Satisfaction Surveys – Get feedback on current and new products.  What do your customers like or dislike about them?  Can you make adjustments to them to improve sales? Product Satisfaction Surveys give you an insight into customer behaviour and can guide you on how to evolve your product and identify new products to create.

Customer Support Satisfaction – Are there any areas in which your team excels?  Was there a particular team member that has provided fantastic customer service?  How can you improve your service levels for your entire customer base? One of the most common customer satisfaction surveys comes from an interaction with a support department. If a customer has an issue resolved, how satisfied are they with that resolution? Finding out can help you improve.

Sales Satisfaction Surveys – Find out the reasons you won a sale or how likely a customer is to purchase from you again with a sales satisfaction survey. This can provide insight into future purchase behaviour and how competitive you are in the market.

Website Satisfaction Surveys – Companies are constantly changing and improving their website but how effective is it in delivering a good experience to your customer? A website satisfaction survey can help identify areas that are hindering customer satisfaction and identify where you are performing well.

Delivery Satisfaction Survey – Your product may be superb, but how was it delivered to your customer?  Was it convenient to them?  Did it arrive in perfect condition?  Is there anything that would be cherished by the customer that you’re not yet providing?

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Let’s look at how to measure customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction metrics are used to calculate a score that can be used to see how you are performing. There are different methods to calculating CSAT including taking the average of all scores combined on a scale between 1-5 to give you an average rating.

Along with a scale rating of how satisfied a customer feels, follow up questions can be added that allow more open ended responses.
Alternative metrics to use include Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES). Read out blog post on ‘Choosing The Right CX Metrics For Your Business’ to find out how they compare.

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

So why is customer satisfaction important? Without measuring customer satisfaction you will have no way to identify unsatisfied customers. Customer satisfaction surveys allow you to analyse customer feedback and make changes to improve your service or product and improve customer loyalty.

You also won’t be able to identify your satisfied customers who could go on to become advocates and provide you with useful insight on where you are performing well.

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How To Measure Customer Satisfaction With Wizu

Wizu offers better completion rates, better respondent experience and gathers more actionable insight than traditional customer satisfaction surveys. Our artificial intelligence powered chatbot can analyze responses in real time, allowing you to vary follow up questions based on the sentiment of answers or keyword triggers.

Wizu allows you to create personalized and interactive customer satisfaction surveys by dynamically including customer specific context such their name, product or any other data you have. If they leave you a low rating then Wizu can delve deeper into understanding why and provide you with dashboards and reports to turn that data into actions.

Wizu allows you to create your own custom chatbot, customize the layout and either use an existing conversation template or create your own. It can be 1 question or 100 questions and we have a range of question types available to keep the respondent engaged including single select, multiple choice, scale ratings, emoji, open text and more. Embed images or videos and add reactions based on answer criteria to create the ultimate survey experience.


Wizu has a number of unique features to help you build awesome conversations. From creating your own bot to adding multiple conversation paths and all in a simple to use survey builder. Features include:

  • Personalization: Embed customer information to increase response rates and improve the quality of responses.
  • Reference Info: Wizu can reference previous answers or any other data you have on the customer within your conversation template
  • Customization: Add your brand logo, choose a background and more to create a truly on brand experience.
  • Routing: Map your conversation down different paths depending on how the respondent answers.
  • Question Types: Choose from a wide range of engaging question types to keep your respondent interested until the end.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Route the conversation in real time via sentiment or keywords and prompt for more info using Wizu’s built in AI functionality.
  • Text Analytics: No need to read through thousands of responses, Wizu does all the hard work and turns text responses into trends, reports and actions to help you improve customer satisfaction.

Get Actionable Insight To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Wizu is not just about offering a better experience though, we want to give you the tools and information you need to improve customer satisfaction. We provide a range of reports and dashboards to give you everything you need to find the actionable insight you need to drive your business forward.

Conversation Viewer: See the visual conversation experience the respondent actually had by viewing each individual response in the chat view.

Dashboards: We provide a range of dashboards at conversation level so you can see the trends, scores and comments and even track multiple metrics against each other to find positive and negative correlations. 

Insights: We also provide overall Insights across the organization so you can see how your company is performing across all areas and break down the data even further.

Try Our Demo CSAT Survey

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Integrate Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys Directly With Salesforce

If your customer data is being stored in Salesforce then Wizu can easily and instantly connect your survey data with your customer data. Your customer satisfaction survey responses can be mapped directly into cases, leads, contacts or any customer or standard object in Salesforce. You can even set up triggers to send surveys out from Salesforce and embed customer information into your survey.

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