Improve Customer Satisfaction Through Engaging Surveys

Wizu conversational surveys deliver higher response rates and more actionable insight meaning you can identify pain points, reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction.

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Identify Pain Points and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Want to measure and improve your Customer Satisfaction? Wizu delivers powerful insight to help you remove friction from your customer experience and increase customer retention.

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Reduce Churn

Identify at risk customers and common pain points to directly increase customer loyalty.

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Increase Insight

AI probing delivers 91% more actionable insight, helping you better understand your customers.

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Improve Experience

Deliver engaging, on-brand surveys with a personalised flow to help improve overall CX.

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How It Works

We do things differently at Wizu. No more standard form based surveys, we believe in engaging conversations that provide a better experience for the respondent, more actionable insight for the company and ultimately a deeper connection between brand and customer.

Simple Survey Creation

Our easy to use portal allows you to select an existing Customer Satisfaction survey template or build your own conversation using our drag and drop editor. Customise everything from the bot, background image, reactions and more and create truly engaging surveys.

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Interactive Survey Experience

Collect responses through our conversational UI by sending invitations via email/sms, embed the survey into your website, integrate with your CRM or simply share a URL. The real-time AI allows the chatbot to probe responses based on keyword themes and sentiment, offering a more personalised experience and gathering better quality insight.

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Automated Actionable Insight

Get real-time insights though a range of dashboards and reports including text analytics, pain point grids, touchpoint map analysis and more. Wizu generates more actionable data and automates analysis using powerful artificial intelligence allowing you to focus on making improvements and improving retention.

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Preview A Live Survey

Below is an interactive preview of a Wizu Customer Support conversation. Change the survey, chatbot and theme to see the live survey change.

Simple Integrations To Bring All Your Customer Data Together

Trigger surveys from your CRM, sync response data to customer records, utilise APIs and more with our seamless integrations.

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