Wizu can help you measure and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction surveys give you the insights you need to be able to make better decisions within your organization.  What do your customers like about what you offer them?  Are they particularly loyal? Is there one thing that, if you just improved it ever so slightly, it would be amazing and have them asking for more?

How should you ask customers what they think about the products are services you provide? Measuring customer satisfaction doesn’t need to be complicated.  In fact, using Wizu, your customers will be able to answer simple questions that give you the detail about what’s working well, and what’s not working so well.

Customer satisfaction surveys typically ask a number of questions specifically relating to a key topic.  As the title suggests, questions focus on how satisfied the respondent is to something.  Here are some examples of customer satisfaction uses:

Product Feedback – Get feedback on current and new products.  What do your customers like or dislike about them?  Can you make adjustments to them to improve sales?

Pricing Feedback – Have you set the right price points for your market?  Does your current pricing strategy represent good value for money?

Service Feedback – Are there any areas in which your team excels?  Was there a particular team member that has provided fantastic customer service?  How can you improve your service levels for your entire customer base?

Logistics Feedback – Your product may be superb, but how was it delivered to your customer?  Was it convenient to them?  Did it arrive in perfect condition?  Is there anything that would be cherished by the customer that you’re not yet providing?

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Multiple questions, fast response

Whichever type of questions you ask, the process of asking them must be simple and quick.  If your customer can see the context of the question, how it relates to the products and services they obtained from you, you’ll increase the response rate.  Long, drawn out and complex question journeys just aren’t going to cut it in today’s fast paced world.

That’s why Wizu is perfect for customer satisfaction surveys.

Wizu provides clear questions with the context in which they are asked.  It reminds the customer of the purchase or service and asks relevant questions so that your customer simply needs to follow the instructions in the chat window to respond.

You’ll have real feedback in an instant, and metrics across many customers that you can use to build reports and take crucial decisions for the future.

How CSAT Is Calculated

Your CSAT score is calculated by the sum of respondents that answered somewhat or very satisfied. The higher the number the better your customer satisfaction will be.

Along with a scale rating of how satisfied a customer feels, follow up questions can be added that allow more open ended responses. Though this can often make analysis more difficult, Wizu offers text and sentiment analysis to help group keywords together and give you an overall view of how your customers feel.

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