Improve Customer Retention Through Engaging Surveys

Wizu conversational surveys deliver higher response rates and more actionable insight meaning you can identify pain points and reduce churn.

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Don't Lose Customers To The Unknown

Worried about losing customers and not knowing why? Wizu delivers powerful insight to help you remove friction from your customer experience and increase customer retention.

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Reduce Churn

Identify at risk customers and common pain points to directly increase customer loyalty.

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Increase Insight

AI probing delivers 91% more actionable insight, helping you better understand your customers.

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Improve Experience

Deliver engaging, on-brand surveys with a personalised flow to help improve overall CX.

Reduce Churn

Customer churn is one of the most important issues to address in a business. You spend all that time and money attracting a customer only to lose them to a competitor. Unless you collect regular feedback from your customers, you will not be able to identify the causes of churn. Wizu offers a range of conversational surveys to help identify issues and improve customer retention.

Identify At Risk Customers

Stop churn before it happens. Use relational surveys such as Net Promoter Score to identify at risk customers and the common pain points in your customer experience. Combine with smaller transactional surveys such as Customer Effort Score to drill down into specific touchpoints and gather more actionable insight.

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Analyse Churn As It Happens

Talk to your churned customers to understand why they are leaving. Identifying how and when churn occurs helps you take action to stop it happening again. Use journey mapping to identify touchpoints causing friction and monitor text analytics to identify trends.

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Show Customers You Care

Don't wait for customers to complain - use always-on surveys to provide a medium for customers to reach out and provide feedback when they need to. Use additional surveys in areas like on boarding to help improve processes and increase customer retention.

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Get More Actionable Insight

Respondents provide more detailed responses through a conversational survey and our AI powered chatbot probing generates more actionable insight. Wizu provides a range of reports including text and sentiment analysis, journey mapping, pain point boards and response tagging to empower you to make the changes that will have the biggest impact on customer retention.

Turn Text Responses Into Trends

Our text analytics platform will analyse all open text responses to look at key themes and the sentiment being expressed. This means you can not only see the common areas people are talking about the but topics that are having the biggest positive or negative impact. You can also see these trends over time to see how your actions have impacted experience.

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Identify Specific Pain Points

Our tree map view provides a visual representation of themes being discussed along with the sentiment being expressed, allowing you to get an overall view of what your customers are talking about and quickly identify the areas that you need to look at first.

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Combine Insight With Journey Maps

Identifying where in your customer journey you are causing friction or are most likely to see churn is one of the most important ways to increase customer retention. Wizu offers feedback maps that allow you generate surveys based on an overall customer journey and then see your survey results placed onto your map.

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Improve Customer Experience

Your surveys are still part of your overall customer experience. Ensure you offer a positive experience be delivering engaging surveys that provide a more personal interaction.

Represent Your Brand

Use a human or brand bot to speak with your customers and utilise reactions and AI probing to provide a more personalised interaction. Not only will your respondent be more likely to provide detailed feedback but it can directly improve your customer loyalty.

Close The Loop

Offer resolutions as part of the conversation or build our automated workflows to help manage the post feedback experience. Wizu is more than just a survey provider, offering a range of features to help you reduce churn and provide a better customer experience.

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Why Customer Churn Is Important

It costs more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing customers and an increase in customer retention of just 5% can create a 25% increase in profit. Returning customers are likely to spend more on your company's products and services and as a result you can spend less on the costs of acquiring new customers.

Use Cases

Wizu can help you improve Customer Retention by talking to your customers in a number of scenarios. Here are some of the common use cases.


Wizu can help identify pain points in your onboarding to increase sign up success rates and improve the experience.

Quarterly Reviews

Check in with your customers with relational surveys to measure satisfaction and identify at risk customers.

Post Support

Identify areas of improvement in your customer support to reduce customer churn and increase loyalty.

Health Check

Provide regular health score surveys to measure your ongoing relationship and overall satisfaction levels.

Always On

Provide a feedback resource at all times for customers to reach out with issues, suggestions or general feedback.

Win/Loss Surveys

Find out why you won or lost a customer to understand reasons for churn and increase retention.

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Want to find out how Wizu works?

We give you the quick run down on how simple it is to make your own engaging, conversational surveys with Wizu.

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Preview A Live Survey

Below is an interactive preview of a Wizu Customer Support conversation. Change the survey, chatbot and theme to see the live survey change.

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Seamless Integrations

Trigger surveys from your CRM, sync response data to customer records, utilise APIs and more with our range of integrations.

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