Customer Effort Score (CES)

Customer Effort Score is a metric used to measure how difficult (or easy) it was for your customer to interact with you, using one single question. The idea is that companies create loyal customers by reducing customer effort. At Wizu though, we do things a little differently….

Firstly.. is this actually for you?

The Customer Effort Score (CES) system is ideal for transactional surveys where you want to measure customer satisfaction at specific touchpoints. This allows you to identify any pain points in your customer journey and the specific areas you can improve.

Ironically, the CES question actually makes it difficult for a customer to express their opinion and that’s where Wizu comes in. Respondents can answer the single question and then have the option to have a conversation with the bot.

Asking fewer questions is better than asking many, but it still doesn’t make it a positive experience. Having one tooth removed is better than having 4 teeth removed. Better to have a positive experience that allows the customer to express their opinion if they have one.

At Wizu we believe in offering a better feedback experience. This is not for you if you just want a super simple, underwhelming Survey Monkey experience, or like to use forms (sorry, we just won’t get along).

Join us and become a Conversational Feedback pioneer!

So.. how does Wizu do CES?

Well, thanks for asking. The Wizu conversational survey tool lets you create your own customised Customer Effort Score survey with just a few clicks. Our out the box template has all the questions you need including your “all important” CES rating question and our unique intelligent follow up questions that can help you get a better understanding of where you can improve.

The questions can be adapted to be more meaningful for your specific context and you can personalise the interactions by passing through any customer data. Most importantly though, the surveys are more engaging. Your customers will actually enjoy taking your surveys. Even if they are complaining! Plus you will get more detailed responses, more actionable insight and millions more pounds of sales*

*Wizu does not guarantee you will get millions of pounds more in sales BUT it will make your customers more loyal than sending them a boring traditional survey. You can't put a price on a happy customer.. well actually you probably can...

Not sure which customer experience metric is right for your organisation? Take a look at our article that compares CES, CSAT and NPS and our look at CES or CSAT blog.

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Go on, you know want to…

Measure and Improve

You can automatically send your customers invitations to your survey via email or SMS and automate workflows to deal with customer complaints. Wizu also gives you a wide range of dashboards and insights, including text analytics to highlight the topics that have the biggest impact on your customer experience.

  • View your Customer Effort Score in real-time and see trends
  • View question by question breakdown and filter your reports by custom attributes
  • Uncover the power of AI with our text analytics reporting
  • Identify common pain points through sentiment analysis

Wizu empowers your organisation to improve customer effort score, leading to more satisfied and loyal customers. Basically, we are awesome and you will be too if you use Wizu.

Oooo look at the pretty dashboard!

So are you with us or not?

Start a free trial, book a demo, give us a call or communicate with us though smoke signals. Just take your first steps into the next evolution in surveys and become the next great pioneer.

Be more like Emmeline Pankhurst!

Emmeline Pankhurst was a true pioneer. Women would not have got the vote without her. Her bravery and radicalism shocked society into a new pattern that could not be reversed. Pioneers like Emmeline pave the way to a better future. They dare to take a chance on something that is worth fighting for. They are brave enough to stand up where others hide and are trailblazers that show us all what the world can be if we fight to make things better.

OK, so sending nice surveys is not quite at the same level but you get the point. Do you want to sit back and let your company send out more crappy surveys, annoying your customers and delivering you poor insight? Or do you want to stand up, dare to be different and engage with your customers. Make a connection, improve their experience and get deeper insight.