AI Powered Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys

Utilise the power of Artificial Intelligence to create conversational surveys with automated follow up questions.

What Are AI Powered NPS Surveys?

AI powered NPS surveys are about combining the two most important elements of feedback; conversations and metrics. Conversations alone lack meaning without metrics and metrics are only meaningful through a deeper understanding. Companies all over the world, large and small, are utilising NPS but measuring your score alone is not enough. Net Promoter Score is about learning and improving and a number alone is not going to give you the understanding to be able to improve your customer experience.

The best way to get that understanding is to let customers tell you in their own words. Repetitive multiple-choice questions will never give you the detail that you can get from a conversation. Even Fred Reicheld, the creator of NPS, says you should be looking at actual customer verbatims as part of the Net Promoter Score program.

AI powered NPS surveys from Wizu allow you to collect your metrics but then delve deeper into the reasons behind the score through a conversation. Wizu can automatically route to different follow up questions depending on the responses provided to have a more natural conversation that uncovers a deeper understanding of the customer. Combine this with our text analytics to auto analyse open text statements to provide you with actionable insight and we have the ultimate NPS solution. Request a demo to find out more about how Wizu works.

Find out more about NPS by viewing our slideshare on 'Everything You Need To Know About Net Promoter Score' below or read our blog on 'How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Your NPS Surveys'.

How To Measure NPS With Wizu

Wizu offers better completion rates, better respondent experience and gathers more actionable insight than traditional net promoter score surveys. Our artificial intelligence powered chatbot can analyze responses in real time, allowing you to vary follow up questions based on the sentiment of answers or keyword triggers.

Wizu allows you to create personalized and interactive NPS surveys by dynamically including customer specific context such their name, product or any other data you have. If they leave you a low rating then Wizu can delve deeper into understanding why and provide you with dashboards and reports to turn that data into actions.

Wizu allows you to create your own custom chatbot, customize the layout and either use an existing conversation template or create your own. It can be 1 question or 100 questions and we have a range of question types available to keep the respondent engaged including single select, multiple choice, scale ratings, emoji, open text and more. Embed images or videos and add reactions based on answer criteria to create the ultimate survey experience.

Turn Responses Into Actionable Insight To Improve Your NPS Score

Wizu is not just about offering a better experience though, we want to give you the tools and information you need to improve customer experience. We provide a range of reports and dashboards to give you the actionable insight you need to drive your business forward.

Text Analytics: Wizu can analyze your response and bring you the most common topics mentioned. Filter by NPS type or positive and negative comments and display by the areas most impacting your customer sentiment. You don’t need to read through 1,000s of customer comments to pick out the key trends, Wizu does it all for you.

Dashboards: We provide a range of dashboards at conversation level so you can see the trends, scores and comments and even track multiple metrics against each other to find positive and negative correlations.

Actions: With Wizu you can also automate actions based on responses so that you can trigger an email to your customer service team if someone leaves a low score or mentions a certain keyword.

See our demo NPS survey below to see an example of how Wizu can use AI to improve your NPS.

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Integrate Your NPS Surveys Directly With Salesforce

If your customer data is being stored in Salesforce then Wizu can easily and instantly connect your survey data with your customer data. Your customer satisfaction survey responses can be mapped directly into cases, leads, contacts or any customer or standard object in Salesforce. You can even set up triggers to send surveys out from Salesforce and embed customer information into your survey.

Ready To Start Improving Your Net Promoter Score?

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