What Is Wizu?

No more form based survey! Wizu offers engaging conversational surveys helping you interact with your customers/ employees or audience in a totally new way. Unlock deeper insight through conversation with an AI powered chatbot that can understand sentiment and adapt conversations in realtime.

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More Responses

Wizu offers more personalised and interactive surveys that look great on any device and deliver higher completion rates and better quality responses.

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Improve CX

A wide variety of question types, total customisation, automated reactions and routing logic offers a better way to engage with your customers.

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Deeper Insight

Wizu offers a range of dashboards, visual reports and text analytics replacing the pain of data analysis with the power of actionable insight.

How Does It Work?

Wizu conversations are easy to create and share and real time dashboards bring you all the insight you need.

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Easily Create Conversations

Create your conversational survey and customised chatbot with our simple drag and drop editor with full customisation and a range of question types.


Share Your Survey

Share your survey link via email, SMS, your CRM, embed in your website, utilise pop ups or we can provide an audience. We have it all covered.

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Get Powerful Reporting

Get real-time insights via dashboards, reports and text analytics and create automated workflows to follow up with customer complaints.

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