Our Vision

Feedback Is Awesome

Through feedback we can all make a difference to the organizations we interact with and make the world a better place.

And done right, the feedback experience is positive for both the giver and receiver of the feedback, even if the feedback itself may be negative. Some examples are:

• a well handled complaint at a restaurant
• a compliment that is well received during an annual employee review
• or a nod from a parent to say ‘well done’.

These are all positive feedback experiences between humans that adjust and re-affirm the relationship between them.

So... what's the problem?

We realised most feedback experiences between a customer and an organization are not positive. In fact, most organizations use surveys to gather feedback on their customer experience and send out requests that are at best neutral and at worst: terrible. We’ve all done those bad surveys so you’ll know what we mean here.

Digging up the plant to measure the roots

Often, surveys are destroying the experience they are trying to measure – we are digging up the tree to measure the roots. Even micro surveys such as NPS, CES simply minimise the pain of the survey rather than providing a positive experience.

But….. humans like giving

People enjoy giving feedback, provided they are allowed to express their feedback on their terms – the rise in the number of online reviews confirms that. There is an abundance of opinions in this world which people want to share, if they know they are going to be listened to – this is evidenced by the sharing frenzy on social media.

Typical Terrible Survey Experience! ⬇️

So, what's the answer?


We built the first chatbot for the CX industry and believe that chatbots provide a better, more human-like experience, that demonstrate human like qualities: listening, understanding, replaying and reacting to a customer’s feedback.

Having a conversation with a chat bot feels like social experience and delivers an engaging, positive feedback experience consistently and at scale.

The 'hand-shake' opportunity

Providing a great feedback experience creates an opportunity for organizations to re-establish the bonds of the relationship which will lead to higher retention, loyalty and increased sales. The peak end rule means surveys can trigger recollections of the peaks at the important ‘end’ point of the customer journey.

A good feedback experience also leads to increased response rates which leads to better quality data and ultimately better understanding, better decisions and more improvements.

A better feedback experience simply leads to better feedback.