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5 Ways To Improve Your Customer Effort Score

If customers are having a hard time getting their questions answered they will switch to a different provider, so it is essential you work to reduce customer effort. In order to do this, it is vital you are collecting Customer … Read More

How To Build Successful Customer Effort Score Surveys

Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys are a great way to identify where customers might be experiencing high levels of effort with your organisation which can impact on customer loyalty. These surveys should be sent directly after specific touchpoints or interactions … Read More

Customer Effort Score or Customer Satisfaction?

Introduction To Customer Effort Score Customer Effort Score is a popular metric used to measure customer service satisfaction using one single question. The principle behind this is that companies create loyal customers by reducing customer effort. Customer Effort Score (CES) … Read More

What Is Customer Effort Score (CES)?

What is Customer Effort Score? Customer Effort Score is a metric that customer service teams often use to understand and evaluate how easy customers thought it was to get a resolution to their recent contact. This could be anything from … Read More