Mapping Fields In Salesforce

How to set up your mappings from Wizu to Salesforce to connect your customer feedback with customer records.

How To Set Up Custom Objects In Salesforce

Here we explain how you can set up custom objects in Salesforce in order to connect Wizu responses.

How To Identify & Connect Responses to Contacts

Include unique Salesforce Id’s in your surveys to be able to link responses back into that individual record.

How To Create Email Templates

Learn how to create email templates and send emails through Salesforce, Wizu or other email providers.

How To Create & Update Leads In Salesforce

Learn how to use Wizu surveys to create new leads in Salesforce or how to update existing leads with new responses.

How To Get a Workflow To Trigger A Wizu Survey

Learn how you can use a Salesforce workflow to trigger a Wizu survey such as when a case is closed.

How To View Survey Responses In Wizu

Here we look at the different ways in which your survey responses can be viewed in Wizu including universal insights and survey dashboards.

Wizu Troubleshooting Guide

If you are having issues with your responses not mapping to Salesforce, survey links not working or anything else then we have the answers.