Demo Gallery

Below is an example conversation using the Wizu bot. In the conversation you can select from a range of demo scenarios such as Salesforce surveys, lead capture, NPS and more. You can change every aspect of the conversation when you come to create your own conversational surveys such as assigning your own logo, your own bot, the questions asked and the bot messages and even the color theme used. Talk to Wizu and then talk to us about how Wizu can help you.

Alternative Demo Chats

Wizu can be customized and utilized in a number of different scenarios so below we show you a selection of alternative use cases and designs. For optimal experience on mobile click the button under the conversation to open in a new tab for a full screen experience.

Wizu can be used for a huge range of different scenarios so we have created some examples to show you a selection of use cases that Wizu can be used for. See a range of different bots, use cases and questions types in action from AI powered NPS surveys to interactive story telling surveys. Simply click the relevant tab to view the conversation.

Take NPS surveys to the next level with our AI powered NPS conversational survey. Collect your NPS score but delve deeper into the reasons why utilising real time AI to route to relevant follow up questions and create actions.

Wizu customer satisfaction surveys allow you to measure satisfaction levels across key parts of the customer journey and delve down deeper into the reasons behind your scores.

This was a prototype conversation for a large pet insurance company. We have changed the name but you can see a different bot design and some AI in action.

An example of a post event survey for Dreamforce using Salesforce branding. This surveys utilises AI to react and route from open text questions. Give it a try below.

At Wizu we want to evolve customer surveys into customer stories. Below we allow the customer to tell their story directly by creating an interactive story telling conversation. This allows the customer to provide feedback while recreating the experience in an interactive and engaging way.

Here we have another NPS based survey that utilises a different look and feel with some additional AI powered NPS questions included. Wizu allows you to customize everything from the bot and background image, the button style and even the font and colours used.

An interactive story where you are the hero and every decision you make will change the direction of the story.

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