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Sep 12, 2017
Chatbots, Customer Feedback
How To Make The Perfect Chatbot

Let’s start this blog post with an instant caveat – there is no such thing as the perfect chatbot. There…

Aug 30, 2017
Customer Feedback
How To Avoid Survey Bias

Survey bias is an often-neglected part of the survey creation process. If left unchecked, it can make your results irrelevant…

Aug 15, 2017
Customer Experience, Customer Feedback, Voice of the Customer
How To Make Customers Actually Like Leaving You Feedback

Ugh, another feedback request, another survey invitation. This time I could win 400 paper clips for just 10 minutes of…

Jul 24, 2017
Customer Experience, Customer Feedback, Customer Journey, Voice of the Customer
Evolving Customer Surveys into Customer Stories

I popped into my local supermarket today to pick up some essentials (nappies and alcohol if you are interested –…