Become a Wizu Partner to drive additional, recurring revenue, win new clients, improve client retention and increase client LTV.

Who Is A Perfect Partner?

Together, we help your clients succeed.

Wizu is for digital marketing agencies and consultancies looking to expand their offerings, and want to grow their revenues by helping their clients do the same.

If you serve other businesses and “digital marketing” touches some aspect of your deliverable, then there’s a good chance you’re a fit.

Whether your expertise is in marketing, sales, customer service, web design, CRM, or IT services, if you want to accelerate your growth by adding value to your clients, we can help.

It’s a good fit if your business:

Above all, Partners want the best outcome for their clients.

So if you share our values and believe collaboration is the best way to deliver the optimum result for your clients, you will greatly benefit from our partnership.

What's In It For You As A Partner?

Partners gain direct benefit in two ways:

How Does It Work?

There are two ways to partner with us: Referral Partner and Licenced Wizu Partner.

Referral Partner

This is for anyone who wants to refer Wizu to their clients and earn commission, but are not yet ready to commit to being a full Licenced partner.

It’s a low-commitment, high reward way to see what a partnership with Wizu could do for your business.

As a Referral Partner you receive a fixed percentage of the first years revenue.

Just share your Referral Link and let us serve your clients for you.

Licenced Wizu Partner

As a Licenced Wizu Partner, you’ll be able to onboard and deliver powerful solutions to your clients.

You’ll lay the foundation for a deeper relationship, improve client retention, increase client LTV and achieve new levels of growth for your business.

As a Licenced Wizu Partner you can:

All Wizu Licenced Partners are also provided with:

Become a Wizu Solutions Partner

Join the Wizu Solutions Partner Program to accelerate business growth, build a specialized practice, and reach customers through conversations today.

Wizu Solutions Partner Program