Customer experience is today’s business benchmark.

No matter what industry you work in, the customer experience is integral to being a success. Customers’ expectations are changing and you need to listen to both your consumers and your employees to truly understand how people feel about your brand.

Why It's Important

One of the most important aspects of measuring customer experience is to manage the entire journey. Organizations that track and measure the whole experience can enhance customer satisfaction, reduce churn, increase revenue and gain greater employee satisfaction.

In a world where we talk a lot about ‘Big Data’ the Voice of the Individual customer is actually more important than ever. Taking the time to listen to a customer, offering them a personalized experience and asking questions in context allows you to collect large amounts of data while offering a unique experience for the respondent.

Wizu can help you gain a competitive advantage by helping you focus in on what makes your customers happy and where you can make improvements. We can help you understand how your customer is feeling throughout the journey and help you create actionable insight in order to improve performance and deliver business benefits.

How Wizu Can Work With You


We can help translate customer experience improvements into clear business value for your organization.


Find out what keeps your best customers coming back and identify the behavior of the ones you lose.


We can help you understand which aspects of your products and service need more attention right now.

Why Choose Wizu?


Embed information about what the chat is about, such as a case number, product number or the respondent’s name.  Personalization increases response rate and improves the quality of the responses.


Wizu’s text-based ChatUI is built on natural language conversations so your customers will feel like they’re chatting not answering a set of questions.  Conversations adapt based on the customer journey.


Choose the right bot for your audience: use a gallery bot like Wizu or design a bot that reflects your brand’s persona with your own profile picture, style and set of responses.  Be Wizu or be you, the choice is yours.


If you want to see Wizu in action and find out more about how it works, book a demo with one of our team below.