Get better response rates and deeper insight using engaging, interactive surveys.

Market Research surveys offer you a great way to perform market segmentation analysis and find out key demographic information about your consumers. However, traditional surveys have become stale with consumers bored of endless impersonal questions. Wizu offers a refreshing, innovative alternative.

Why It's Important

Surveys are a vital tool in market research but they have become a source of frustration to consumers who are being sent the same questions over and over which don’t truly capture how they feel. Respondents feel like their answers are not important and so response rates and levels of insight are poor. It is time the survey industry took a step forward in evolution and started to offer engaging, customized conversations where respondents felt their opinions did matter and brands can interact with consumers like never before.

Wizu can help you create engaging, personalized and responsive surveys that will offer a unique experience for each respondent while capturing qualitative and quantitative data with actionable insight.

How Wizu Can Work With Market Research Companies


We can help translate survey responses into clear business value for your organization.


Wizu can help translate feedback into actionable insight helping you improve your business.


We can help you understand which aspects of your products and services need more attention.

Why Choose Wizu?


Embed information about what the chat is about, such as a case number, product number or the respondent’s name.  Personalization increases response rate and improves the quality of the responses.


Wizu’s text-based ChatUI is built on natural language conversations so your customers will feel like they’re chatting not answering a set of questions.  Conversations adapt based on the customer journey.


Choose the right bot for your audience: use a gallery bot like Wizu or design a bot that reflects your brand’s persona with your own profile picture, style and set of responses.  Be Wizu or be you, the choice is yours.

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