Finance companies that focus on CX can improve retention and profitability.

Wizu's CX platform helps you collect feedback, manage your online reputation, handle complaints and engage with your customers.

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Wizu Built For Financial Services

Feedback is vital in the financial services industry. Listening to the Voice of the Customer can lead to improved profits and can identify new opportunities that can improve your competitive edge.

Wizu can help you focus on improving customer satisfaction metrics and gain a deeper understanding of your customers.


How Wizu Can Help Finance Companies

Wizu is more than just a conversational survey tool with a range of features designed to improve your business.

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Reputation Management

Allow your happy customers to promote via social channels and handle complaints from unsatisfied customers.

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Customer Engagement

Increase response rates and engage with your customers through personalised conversations throughout the customer journey.

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Actionable Insight

Use the power of AI to identify common topics and analyse sentiment to prioritise improvements and increase loyalty.

Use Cases

Wizu can be used in a wide range of use cases from transactional CES surveys, relational NPS, website pop ups, FAQs, customer support and more.


Map out your customer journey then create conversations to measure customer effort at key moments to identify pain points.


Measure and improve your Net Promoter Score through relational surveys with built in text analytics and AI probing.

Complaint Handling

Deal with complaints through conversations, allowing you to offer real-time resolutions and capture more detailed information .

Website Pop Ups

Answer common queries, provide resources, capture leads and more with our website pop up conversations .

Employee Satisfaction

Measure employee satisfaction through engaging conversations to identify concerns and engage with your staff .

Many More...

Use conversations for whistle-blowing, call centre performance, assessments, case studies and more with our flexible platform.

Voice of the Customer Scenarios

Research Stage Purchase Stage Delivery Stage Post Delivery Stage
Web pop ups Lead forms Onboarding Post Support Survey
Assessments Win/loss survey Always On – Concierge, FAQ Complaint Handling
Competitor Analysis Customer Experience/ Satisfaction Relational Survey
FAQs Transactional Surveys Case Study
Quizzes Relational Surveys Review Generation
Post meeting, event survey
Project pulse survey

Why Choose Wizu?


Embed information such as a case number or the customers name and use personalisation to increase response rates and improve data quality.


Wizu's adaptive Chat UI is built on natural language conversations so your customers will feel like they're chatting, not answering a set of questions.


Choose the right bot your audience: use a template bot or create a bot that reflects your brand with full customisation options.

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