Wizu can help multiple industries improve VoC, VoE and Market Research.

Wizu can help you run programs that will increase revenue, reduce costs and drive change within your company. Our solution can service multiple industries from Retail to Insurance so whatever industry you are in we can help you measure and improve your customer and employee satisfaction.


Client retention is especially important in a Business to Business environment as often losing just one client can lead to a significant drop in revenue. By implementing an engaging VoC strategy you can easily identify how your clients are feeling and prioritise any at-risk clients.

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In a hugely competitive online world, engaging your customers and employees can be a huge advantage and can lead to better customer loyalty and improved revenues.

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It is important for financial services to listen to the voice of their customers as this can lead to improved profits and can identify new opportunities that can improve your competitive edge.

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Measuring and improving customer experience can give insurance companies a compelling competitive edge. Wizu can help you listen to your customers and employees, analyse the results and create actions based on the feedback.

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Kids Research

Market Research for children is a vital process for many companies. Wizu can help you create a truly engaging way of understanding children’s thoughts and feelings.

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Market Research

Wizu work with Market Research companies to delivery highly successful programs to their clients. Our software can offer a more engaging way to capture data leading to better response rates and deeper insight.

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As a retail company you will already understand how important your customer loyalty is and how your customers feel about you is one of the most important aspects of loyalty. Wizu can help you listen to, analyse, and act on feedback that can improve customer loyalty and retention which can lead to improved profits.

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Customer Experience is an integral part of the travel industry. Wizu can help you identify the experiences your customers care about most and give you a competitive advantage.

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Other Industries

These are not the only industries that Wizu works with. Any company that wants to listen to customers, markets and employees to gain insight and drive business growth can benefit from our software.

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