How it works

How it works

Slick, Streamlined and scalable social proof gathering software.

Strengthen up your sales asset library with highly targeted customer stories and client credibility in minutes instead of months.

From identifying your ideal targets to publishing across various media, Wizu manages the whole process fluidly and effortlessly.



Automated Interviewer

Interview Internally

Internal resources, such as Customer Success Managers or Account Executives, participate in an automated conversational interview.

They answer questions on the client's behalf relating to the original problem, the solution and the outcome.


When the interview is complete, the responses are edited and then submitted for content generation.

The latest AI automatically creates the following draft content:
- testimonial
- customer success story
- case study
- retention story / win story


Guided Pipeline


The draft story is then given to your customer and they are asked to edit collaboratively via a short interview.


The story is edited collaboratively using the Wizu Story editor. The interview can focus on the interesting human side of the story, not the implementation.


Slick, one-click customer approvals with Wizu Smart Approval.
We adopt the cookie management approach to giving permissions. Story permissions can be customised by your clients to a granular level. The default story permissions setting is ACCEPT ALL.




Publish your story to your Customer Page widget in the appropriate format: testimonial, case study or customer success story.

Create images, PDF’s or quotes as additional content.


Share your story content straight away on your website, emails, newsletters, social media and sales collateral.


Measure what works and what doesn’t.

Use our reporting tools to identify which stories are converting and should be featured.