How it works

Simple & Quick

Wizu makes it quick and easy for you to start collecting feedback. In a matter of minutes, you can design your conversation and chat interface, upload your customer data and send out emails to your users. Then our real time reporting dashboards will give you all the information and insight you need to start making positive changes to your business.

Create Your Script

Choose a pre existing template or create your own by adding any topics and aspects you want to cover. Select or create a bot and amend any questions or responses.

Upload Invitations

Populate our template with customer information and add any personalized data then simply upload. Alternatively you can automate the process using the Wizu API.

Analyze Data

Use our wide range of real-time analytics dashboards to spot trends and monitor customer feedback or export the data to use elsewhere.

Why Use Wizu?

Boost Response Rates

By offering a more engaging, personalized experience you will achieve better response rates and gain better insight.

Designed For Any Device

Wizu can talk to your customer on any device on a number of chat platforms, ensuring a great customer experience.


Add user specific data to your conversation to add a real touch of personalization to the conversation.

Chat Templates

Select from existing templates including Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score and Customer Effort Score.

Structured Conversations

Change conversation text and the survey journey based on the user response to offer a more engaging two-way conversation.

Response Options

Allow the customer to answer using a variety of options from star ratings, facial emoji’s and open text answers.

Take a Tour

Wizu Bot Selection

Choose from an existing bot or create your own. You can design your own bot image and then amend the language used and questions asked by each bot. You can create as many custom bots as you like but you can only assign one bot to a conversation.

choose your template

Choose from an available template as a starting point for your conversation script. From here you can then add multiple topics to your survey. Topics are the main areas you want to discuss with your customer. For example, if you are getting feedback for a hotel stay, topics might include the location, the service and the room. Each topic can then have multiple aspects assigned. So for example when asking about the room the aspects might include the facilities, the cleanliness etc.

upload your invitations

Populate the required and recommended fields and then feel free to add your own customized fields. These can then be used within the conversation to add a more personalized approach, such as referencing the customer name, an order number or the date of an event.

Wizu Invitation Image
chat view

You can send out invitations to your customer via e-mail and they can then complete the chat either through the web portal or via other chat platforms such as Skype or Facebook Messenger. The chat view will optimize the view for any device and has simple, easy functionality for a respondent to answer the questions.

Respondents can answer using a keyboard or a mouse and there a number of answer types available for star ratings, facial emotions or open text answers. Depending on how a user responds, the bot can respond accordingly using our intelligent survey creator meaning each customer is getting a personalized experience.

Wizu Chat View
gain insights

Gain valuable insights in real-time with our reporting dashboard. Get an overall look at your scores, see the response rates of each of your campaigns and filter by date, conversation and customer type.

You can also break the reporting down further by drilling into individual topicsĀ and aspects, view an answer word cloud to see the types of comments that your customers using or simply export your data to use elsewhere.

Wizu Reporting

Want to see Wizu in action?

Have a chat with Wizu in our demo conversation below.