How it works

How it works

Slick, Streamlined and scalable social proof gathering software.

Strengthen up your sales asset library with highly targeted customer stories and client credibility in days instead of months.

From identifying your ideal targets to publishing across various media, Wizu manages the whole process fluidly and effortlessly.



Identify your ideal customer storytellers

Send your clients a survey that asks for their likelihood to recommend and how they would be willing to advocate.

Invite your potential advocates to your interview

We provide invitation emails messages that are written to a tried and tested conversion formula. You send a link to your clients for a conversational interview with a virtual agent chosen by you.

Virtual agent led Conversational interview process.

Your clients take part in a conversational interview powered by AI. The process is friendly and interactive, which increases engagement levels. Your customer can take their interview at any time that’s convenient for them.

Or you can interview your customer directly using our conversational tool as an interview guide - prompting you where necessary. Simply upload the interview transcripts to Wizu.


Guided Pipeline


Wizu system externally validates that your customer is who they say they are via LinkedIn. Their LinkedIn profile image is also collected.

Social Proof is marked as validated by Wizu, increasing trust in your content.


Edit their story within the Wizu Story editor. Choose story types: conversational or classic case-study. Keep responses raw and authentic, or convert into a refined story.


Send your customer stories to their account owners or your internal marketing team at the touch of a button.


Slick, one-click customer approvals with Wizu Smart Approval.
We adopt the cookie management approach to giving permissions. Story permissions can be customised by your clients to a granular level. The default story permissions setting is ACCEPT ALL.




Publish your story in multiple formats: quotes, testimonials, customer stories or case-studies. Create images, PDF’s or embed the stories on your website via a simple web widget.


Share your story content straight away on your website, emails, newsletters, social media and sales collateral.


Measure what works and what doesn’t.

Use our reporting tools to identify which stories are converting and should be featured.