Wizu Intelligent Question Probing

Wizu IQP uses real-time artificial intelligence to probe responses to uncover a deeper level of insight.

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Understand Sentiment

Detect the sentiment in order to offer empathy or ask relevant follow up questions.

Define Topics

Identify common themes that your bot can probe around or prompt customers to talk about.

Human Reactions

Create a more conversational tone with reactions based on different response criteria.

Go Deeper

Wizu IQP can automatically probe for more information for short or generic responses.

Natural Conversations

Let your customers talk about the topics important to them then follow up on areas they didn't mention.

Stop Words

End the conversation based on stop words or if obscene language is used.

Turn Text Into Actions

Save your team time with our powerful text analytics. Wizu will analyse open text responses to pick out key trends and identify priority improvements for you to make.

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Close The Loop

Offer real time resolutions to common issues or automate workflows to deal with complaints.

Create Workflows

Create multiple triggers so automate workflows based on responses. Send survey transcripts to the relevant team member to give them all the tools they need.

Real Time Resolution

Update your conversation to offer real time resolution for common issues and complaints or answer frequently asked questions .

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Amplify Positive Feedback

Automate customer reviews and encourage social sharing through dynamic end of survey paths. Allow happy customers to promote you or connect via social channels.

share on social

Wizu generates content based on survey responses and encourages your customers to share via social channels.

increase reviews

Wizu can direct your happy customers to third party review sites like Google to increase exposure.

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Drag & Drop Editor

Wizu has been built to make it as easy as possible for you create awesome conversations with no coding or tech know how.

Use a range of scale types including emojis

Select from our GIF gallery for fun interactions

Preview chat for easy testing

Set up paths through simple drop down options

Embed html, images and even video to your conversation

Ready made AI dialogues with simple customisation

Make It Personal

Tailor your experiences with personalised content and rich media. Embed customer specific data or vary questions based on custom attributes to offer a truly personalised experience.

Custom Attributes

Pass through additional data to filter reports or to reference within the conversation.

Personalised Paths

Vary the conversation path based on customer data or previous responses.

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Multi Channel Invitations

Your customers want to connect with you via multiple channels so let them provide feedback at the time and place that works best for them.


Send SMS invitations with custom messages and reminders.


Create email templates with dynamic content to increase open rates.


Embed your survey or use a pop up to engage with customers.


Automate bulk invitations through simple integrations.

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In-depth Analysis

Monitor your survey responses and filter your data to make quick decisions. See trends over time and visual summaries for each question.

View overall satisfaction trends

Advanced filters to drill down to the details

See correlation between different questions

Easily export data and charts to share with your team

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Advanced Survey Logic

Engage customers along specific dialogue paths based on sophisticated conditioning. Route based on previous responses or even from understanding the sentiment and topic your respondent has mentioned.

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Feedback Management

Manage the post feedback experience by tagging individual responses and adding comments to make it easier for your team to follow up.

Automated Workflows

Add Comments

Update Status

View Transcripts

Assign Ownership

User Management

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Multi Language Support

with Automated Translation

Set up your conversation in different languages and utilise our auto translate to easily convert your survey into the local language.

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go deeper

Measure Emotion

Learn how your customers feel and not just what they think.

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Emotion Question

Our unique CX Emotion question allows your customers to select from a range of emotions to go beyond simple metrics.

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Measure Sentiment

Sentiment analysis will give you an overview of how customers feel at key stage of your customer journey.

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Emotional Context

Connect sentiment with topics to identify areas for improvements or to ask relevant follow up questions.


Stop Surveying and Start Talking

Your customers deserve a better survey experience and you deserve better quality insight. Wizu delivers that and a whole lot more.

Awesome Looking Surveys

Forget your Google forms and Survey Monkey questionnaires. Wizu offers engaging, responsive surveys in a conversational interface that feel more natural to your customers.

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Full Customisation

Add your logo, create your own chatbot and use your brand tone to create an experience that matches your brand. Make it fun, make it formal, make it anything you want.

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Ready Made Templates

Choose from a wide range of templates covering multiple use cases and industries with out the box intelligent probing and common topics preset.

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Security and Reliability

Our customers trust Wizu to take care of their customer feedback. It is vitally important for us that your data is secure and available 24/7.


Organise your team with varying levels of access such as read only or limit to specific survey conversations.


Wizu aims for maximum availability for businesses and their customers to avoid any unwanted interruptions.


All Wizu connections are secured via HTTPS which ensures that all communications are protected from tampering or eavesdropping.


All information that Wizu stores is backed up securely office and sensitive information such as passwords and API keys are strongly encrypted.

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