Easily build engaging, personalized survey conversations

Measure and improve customer experiences with innovative survey software and real-time analytics.

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On Brand

Customize your bot, background and language to deliver an on brand conversation.

AI Powered Routing

Change the survey path via respondent answers, sentiment or keywords to delve deeper.


Embed customer specific content dynamically to create a unique experience.

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Go beyond simply measuring customer experience and start understanding it

Real Time Reporting

View dashboards and reports instantly across all surveys or drill down into each area.

Text Analytics

Let Wizu analyze your data and pick out the key trends saving you time and giving your actionable insight.

Combine With Salesforce

Integrate with Salesforce to match your responses to your customer data and create automated workflows.

Automate actions to resolve issues and increase revenue

Automatically trigger alerts to notify team members when feedback comes in and take action to boost customer satisfaction.

Trigger Surveys

Send surveys automatically when a case is closed or a lead is created.

Salesforce Actions

Create a case based on a low rating or trigger activity depending on customer responses.

Internal Emails

Update relevant departments or send notifications to staff when certain criteria is met.

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