Benefits And Features

Humans have always used word-of-mouth recommendations in their purchasing behaviour, which is more true today than ever. There are many types of social proof, and they all serve to provide the confidence for the buyer to continue their buying journey.
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Create Stories At Scale

Use the latest AI to generate Customer Story outlines

Create Product Messaging Proof Points

Provide Social Proof that demonstrates the value of your benefits

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Provide the proof your prospects need to continue their customer journey

Easily Build Your 'Customers' Page

Show the value of your product in real, human terms. Let your customers tell the emotional impact your brand makes

Wizu is your Customer Story assistant throughout the whole process

Identify and prioritize your best advocates

Use Wizu CX to identify and prioritize your best advocates. With its engaging conversational UI, Wizu CX makes it easy to find clients who are likely to advocate and likely to write great stories about you.

  • Get insights into your best customers
  • Identify and prioritize your most valuable advocates
  • Cultivate relationships with happy, satisfied customers
Customer Success Story

'Give' your customers their story and get them to confirm the details. No more begging.

With the Wizu Customer Story Builder, you can quickly and easily create Customer Success Stories that are both informative and engaging. Wizu generates a Customer Success Story automatically by interviewing your CSM or AE

  • Save time by not having to write customer success stories manually
  • Easily create customer success stories that are both informative and engaging
  • Strengthen relationships with your customers by giving them valuable content

Automated interviewer for testimonials

Use Wizu Automated Testimonial Interviewer to quickly and easily collect long-form testimonials from your customers through conversation. The configurable virtual agent will ask the right questions, record the answers, and create a short, engaging Customer Success Story in interview form. This persuasive content will help you close more deals and boost your bottom line.

  • Collect powerful customer testimonials quickly and easily
  • Delight your customers with engaging customer success stories
Converational Testimonial

The perfect storytelling editor

The Wizu Story Studio is the perfect tool for editing customer stories and testimonials. With its simple, prebuilt formatting, you can easily highlight quotes, outcomes and call to actions. Use AI to re-phrase and add built feature focused paragraphs.

  • Import Transcripts and Convert them to third person
  • Create customer success stories without any design skills

See at a glance which stories are in progress

Keep your story pipeline in check with the story kanban board. See at a glance which stories are in progress, stalled, or need attention. Prioritize your stories and get them moving again.

Kanban board

Make your approval process easier

Make your approval process easier with Wizu Smart Approvals. Using our cookie management system, you can approve or customize your content quickly and easily. With the customer in control, you'll be able to keep your content looking great no matter where it's used.

  • Quick and easy approvals
  • Control over customer content
  • Keep your content looking great, no matter where it’s used

Get third-party proof of your Customer Success Stories

Wizu provides third-party proof that the customer success stories are genuine and trustworthy. This allows businesses to protect the identity of customers that can't go public, while still showcasing their satisfied customers to build confidence with potential buyers.

  • Protect the identity of your customers
  • Showcase customer success stories for industries where anonymity is essential (security, financial, health)
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Publish your Customer Stories in minutes

Quickly and easily publish content to your Customer page widget. With no need to involve content designers, you can quickly get your stories up and running on your site.

  • Get your stories up and running in minutes.
  • No need to involve content designers. 
  • Easy to install web widget

Create many outputs from one story

Take a single customer story and turn it into a wealth of content that can be shared across social media. With Quotes, Images, PDFs and more, you can create a compelling story that will engage customers and prospects alike.

Story As Image
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