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Wizu can help you automate feedback collection based on your criteria.  Did they stay at your hotel?  Receive your product?  Opt in to market research? Wizu can proactively contact them and ask them the relevant questions.


Embed information about what the chat is about, such as a case number, product number or the respondent’s name.  Personalization increases response rates and improves the quality of the responses.

Simple Designer

Creating your feedback questions couldn’t be easier.  Simply tell Wizu the topics you would like to cover and which individual aspects you want to measure. Wizu will put together a conversation and allow you to tweak the language used.

Anonymous Feedback

You can choose whether to get feedback from anonymous users or whether to build a personal relationship between Wizu and the customer – it’s totally up to you.

Structured Conversations

Wizu’s text-based Chat UI is built on natural language conversations so your customers will feel like they’re chatting not answering a set of questions.  Conversations adapt based on the customer journey and responses given.

Share Feedback

Feedback scores can be shared via social channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote the positive customer experience you’re delivering.  Let your customers share the love they feel for your organization.

Safe and Secure

Your customer’s feedback is extremely safe and confidential.  Wizu will never use your customer data for anything other than your own use. All Wizu’s conversations are over SSL, encrypted at rest and exceed the highest standards.

Measure Emotion

Get to the heart of how your customers feel using our unique Wizu Emotion Score question. Customers can select from a range of emotions that correlate to a scoring wheel helping you understand customer emotion.

Style It Out

Change the background image, fonts, bot image, header logo and colour scheme to create a unique, branded experience. Create visually impressive, responsive surveys easily and you can even embed the conversation on a web page.

Range of Question Types

Choose from open text, sliders, ratings, multiple choice and emoji question times and you can even embed video and images into your questions. We also provide a range of templates such as NPS, CES and CSAT.

Run Multiple Campaigns

Create multiple bots and conversations to measure different aspects of your business from customer experience to employee experience and market research. Analyse results individually or collate via custom tags.

Preview Survey

See how your conversation will look in real time and preview a conversation without affecting the results. This allows you to test different conversation routes and ensure your bot is reacting in the right way.


Gain Insights

Know the voice of the customer quickly with Wizu’s dashboards and reporting tools.  Use the pre-configured reports that show you instantly where you’re succeeding and where you need to improve the customer experience.  Configure your own dashboards to fine tune metrics you can present to your stakeholders.

API Integration

Wizu is so friendly it’s happy to let you connect to its own API to write your own integation with additional services you use.  Whether CRM or your customer portal, your feedback can be requested or displayed however you choose.

Export Data

Need to take the data and integrate with your existing reporting package?  No problem.  Wizu allows you to export your significant results data in a format that you can then use in other reporting solutions, such as Microsoft Excel, Power BI and QlikView.

Insights Sections


Shows your overall metrics like NPS, number of compliments, complaints, total number of responses etc. giving you a snapshot of your overall performance.


If you are using our portal to send out your survey invites this will give you a breakdown of how many have been sent, how many are pending and more.

NPS View

This will show your overall NPS score and your breakdown of detractors, passives and promoters. You can also see your trends over time and you can filter by different time periods.

Activity Stream

This is where you can see the latest responses coming through with an overall summary of each response.


This will show the number of complaints with a view of the number over a period of time and the actual complaint text the respondent left.


This will show the number of compliments with a view of the number over a period of time and the actual compliment text the respondent left.

Topics & Aspects

Some specific reporting options around our topic and aspects question type to show overall scores.

Question Scores

Here you can see the average, min, max and variance of scores for all questions.

Question Drop Outs

This section will show you where any respondents are dropping out in your conversations.

Comment Cloud

This gives you a word cloud of responses showing the most popular terms used and you can filter these by NPS category and comment type.

Sentiment Scores

Shows overall emotion sentiments against each conversation based on the emotion template question.

Emotion Analysis

More detailed reporting on the emotion based question which shows overall emotion score, most common emotions, derived emotions etc.

Plus More!

Plus an ever expanding range of features as we continue to improve and evolve Wizu.

  • Turn responses into actions with our automated workflows
  • Collect images and videos from respondents
  • Utilise a range of templates
  • Website pop up widget
  • New question types including drop down list, randomize, ranking question and more
  • Context based routing

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