Frequently Asked Questions

Widget Questions

Will the stories be SEO friendly if the content is loaded from a widget?

Yes, modern search engine crawlers can crawl dynamic JavaScript-based content without problems

Will the story reside on our domain?

Yes, the story and all contents will reside on your ‘Customers’ page

Will the widget slow down my page speed?

The page speed of downloading and re-using the widget is incredibly high.

What if I want to host the content statically on our site?

You can do that as well.  If you want to use the filtering of the Widget in combination with static content, just update the canonical field in Wizu and the widget will redirect the story to your page.

What about security?

Wizu is pen-tested annually and conforms with industry standards and best practice

How can I update the widget?

Simply save the Widget within the portal or a story that is hosted by a widget and the Widget is updated

Can I change the appearance of the stories through CSS?

Yes!  We’ve committed to not changing the structure or selectors of the HTML content between major versions.

How can I embed the widget on my web page?

It’s simply a case of copying a few lines of code onto your HTML page (just as you’d do to adding a Google Analytics tag).

Can I add any HTML tags to my customer story?

While the Wizu Story Editor allows for a wide variety of customizations, there are limitations on what you can include. So no iFrames for example, but the common tags are allowed such as images, headers, paragraphs and spans.