Customer Stories for Sales Enablement

Customer Stories for Sales Enablement

Easily build a targeted library of customer sourced sales messages to power up your sales team and provide the evidence they need.

Speed up the sales process

Create trust and authority before any contact with you

Spend less time building trust and let your existing customers do that before they even contact you.

Overcome objections and close faster

‘Facts tell, stories sell’, so use customer stories to describe how similar, relatable customers had the exact same reservation and how they overcame those reservations.

Create buyer safety

Show, don’t tell

Show how others overcame the risk with evidence for your prospect and how they have transformed using your product or service.

Be the trusted partner.

Prove how your organization has helped others overcome similar problems, back up your Customer Success statements with proof.

Use Tribal Social Proof

Tribal Social Proof

Create a tribe of customers that your prospects relate to and will aspire to. Your prospects will pre-qualify and already be further along the buying journey.

Cover all segment requests

Collect stories and case studies at scale, meaning you can have a complete set of stories for all segments and make your assets highly relatable.