Bring Your Customer Journey Map To Life

Wizu turns your static customer journey map into an actionable feedback map via an engaging conversational survey.

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Wizu Customer Journey Analytics

We are excited to announce the launch of our new innovative customer journey mapping tool.

This will allow you to easily create a visual representation of your customer journey by adding the main stages and touchpoints. From this you can automatically generate a survey based on your map with the relevant questions and rating already included.

As you collect responses, Wizu shows your results alongside the customer journey map allowing you to see a visual representation of your customer experience and highlight any pain points for you to improve.

Finally, a tool that brings together the power of conversational surveys and the insight of customer journey maps to bring you the ultimate in customer experience platforms.

How Does It Work?

Creating your customer journey map with Wizu couldn't be simpler.

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Create Your Map

Simple recreate an existing map or create a new one using our simple drag and drop editor. You can always come back to add more stages or touchpoints at any time. .


Generate Your Survey

Wizu can then automatically create a conversational survey from your map with relevant questions and routes already built out. You can tweak this or add further questions you might want to include.

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Complete Visibility At-A-Glance

Once you start sharing your survey your results are available instantly and our customer journey analytics will allow you to track the emotional customer journey and highlight pain points or wow moments across your map.

Turn Journey Maps Into Feedback Maps

Wizu allows you to create your experience map, highlighting key touchpoints and then automatically generates a survey.

Moments Of Truth

Identify key touchpoints for additional insight.

Identify Priorities

Uncover key touchpoints to maximise impact.

Generate Surveys

Automatically create surveys based on your map.

Text Analytics

TA analyses sentiment and highlights common themes.

AI Probing

Built-in AI asks dynamic follow up questions.


Responses are automatically tagged based on theme and sentiment to provide insight.

Automated Text Analytics Models

Wizu Conversational Surveys produce better quality data which, combined with our powerful Text Analytics, offers more actionable insight and a better understanding of your customers.

Track sentiment scores over time

Identify and prioritise the most important issues

Uncover correlations across different segments

Automate analysis to give you more time to take action

Identify and track themes and see how your improvements affect them

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