The Challenge

Dublin Bus were looking to identify the enablers and barriers to delivering the ideal customer experience to their users. Although already a market leader, they had identified some areas for improvement and wanted to find a way to engage with their customers to ensure their priorities matched. With over 300,000 passengers daily, they felt there was an opportunity to create loyal, strong relationships and huge potential to engage with these customers through technology solutions.

The Solution

Dublin Bus had selected CXFO, a thought leading customer experience organization, to work on this project for them. After looking at several options they approached Wizu and immediately saw the unique opportunity to create an engaging, interactive survey experience that exactly matched their requirements.

Step 1: Bot Design

After discussing the overall approach and concept of the conversation one of the first areas to be considered was the creation of the actual chatbot. This was going to be more than a basic customer survey and we wanted to create a highly engaging experience. The bot look and personality was vital to encourage this engagement and be an integral part of the branding. The bot needed to androgynous in name and appearance to avoid favouring certain demographics. The name needed to be easy to say and remember and must be likeable to keep the respondent engaged throughout. After a couple of variations, ‘Charlie’ was born. A character that fit the bill and matched the existing Dublin Bus branding.

Step 2: The Conversation

Although some areas for improvement had already been identified it was important for the survey to give users the opportunity to feedback on a range of topics to give a full picture of the customer experience. It was also decided that it would be useful to offer help and advice through Charlie so the conversation was split allowing customers to feedback on key areas of service but also to ask questions or find out answers to common queries. The conversation covered questions around journey planning, on board experience and different aspects of the service. The personality of the bot was also important so reactions and responses were set up to make this more of an interactive 2-way conversation.

Step 3: Collection

Once the conversation was completed it was time to begin collecting responses using several digital touchpoints. Through their website, social media, email marketing campaigns and other mediums, Dublin Bus could engage with a large number of customers with the results coming through in real-time and a number of dashboards being utilised to identify key areas.

Step 4: The Results

Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, Dublin Bus got an insightful view into the experiences of their customer and identified a number of areas they could directly address. It also helped reinforce areas that the brand was performing in and helped create a better connection between the company and their customers. It challenged previous held beliefs in the organization and highlighted simple improvements that could be made to improve the CX. As well as providing evidence for long term strategic decisions.


“It is unheard of to see an average engagement time of over 10 minutes with a 70% completion rate. This type of result just simply could not be obtained by any other survey provider”

Morris Pentel – Chairman, CXFO

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