How Wizu conversational surveys helped aster improve employee engagement


Aster is a developer of new homes and an ethical landlord. They build homes for open market sales and shared ownership, and reinvest profits to develop.

The Challenge

Aster needed an engaging way of collecting feedback from their employees. They wanted to make feedback more accessible.

As part of a wider strategy around customer and employee engagement, they began utilising Wizu for conversational surveys. To launch the campaign they created an employee pulse survey to measure NPS and gain insight from staff.

Choosing Wizu

Aster chose Wizu as they provided an innovative solution that was eye catching and stood out from the crowd. Wizu allows Aster to gather feedback in an engaging way that can be tailored quickly and easily.

One of the key features that attracted Aster to Wizu was the ability to add stem words into the background to further elicit further responses to gather more detailed insights.

Getting Started

They built a simple, yet engaging, survey that not only collected overall employee satisfaction metrics, but went deeper into the employee experience.


After distributing through channels such as email and social they received around 500 responses with a completion rate of 80%

They were able to look at a number of dashboards to see the metrics across all questions and see correlations between different questions. NPS was the main metric being tracked and they were able to see a breakdown of scores through a range of dashboards.

As well as tracking metrics such as Employee Net Promoter Score, they were able to use Text Analytics to gain deeper insight into the employee experience.

This allowed them to see the common areas staff are talking about and the overall sentiment scores associated with these. They were able to filter by positive or negative areas and then identify the common themes being discussed in each area.

Below you can see some of the common areas being discussed along with a sentiment score and count of mentions.

They were then able to look into each area and see the common themes within each category, helping them identify key areas to address.

Real Respondents Reactions

As well as the fantastic insight generated they received lots of positive feedback from employees regarding the approach.

What's Next?

Aster Group is now able to quickly identify the mood of the employee population and get an instant net promoter score from the dashboard. It has made providing feedback less of a chore and more fun for the team.

The results of this survey are now being presented to shareholders in order to look at ways to improve employee engagement. They will now be using this conversation as a pulse survey to track employee satisfaction on an on-going basis.

They also plan to start building additional surveys for upcoming internal events, customer feedback and more.

“The easy star ratings and emojis allow our staff to resonate with other elements of their online world/ social media platforms etc making the experience less corporate. Wizu were very helpful and collaborative, open to feedback and always evolving.”

Nicki Brackenbury – Research Analyst, Aster

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