The Wizu Zapier Integration Is Now Live

The Wizu Zapier Integration Is Now Live We are excited to announce that our Zapier integration is now live. Combine engaging, conversational surveys with the power of Zapier integrations to transform your customer experience. Zapier is a solution that lets … Read More

Wizu Adds Zapier Integration, Tagging, Live Support & More

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Free Access to Wizu Remote Employee Pulse

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Guide To Remote Working

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Net Promoter Score Quiz

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Conversational Surveys Vs Traditional Surveys

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The Art of Conversational Surveys

Hopefully the fact you are reading this article means you already understand what conversational are and why they are so much better than traditional online survey forms. If not, then let me give you a quick rundown. A conversational survey … Read More

How To Use Text Analytics To Improve Customer Experience

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Are Modern Surveys Reverting To Conversations?

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The Case for the Modern Survey Replacement

Current survey situation Online surveys continue to be a useful way of capturing customer feedback but there hasn’t been any real innovation in the past decade or so.  The traditional online survey has remained a form-based series of questions with … Read More