Why Intercom is the perfect platform for Customer Stories

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How to Use Testimonials and Case Studies to Overcome Objections from Prospects

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The Benefits of Written Testimonials Over Video Testimonials

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Why Video Testimonials Are More Powerful Than Written Testimonials

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Your best source of Customer Stories is your internal resource

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How to improve your Customer Story productivity

It’s no secret that Customer Success Stories are important. Case Studies and long-form testimonials can be a great way to show off your organization’s successes, and they can help recruit new customers. But writing Customer Success Stories can be a … Read More

How to ask for Customer Stories

How to ask a client for a testimonial or case study?

Every business wants to hear their customers’ success stories – they serve as sources of inspiration and an excellent marketing tool. After all, who doesn’t like to know that other people have done what we want to do? However, getting … Read More

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Salesforce Customer Success Stories: what we can learn

In this post, we’ll explore how Salesforce are using Customer Success Stories and highlight some of the key story features.  Please note, these are my opinions only and I have no inside knowledge! Why Salesforce?  Salesforce has hugely influenced the … Read More

Customer Testimonials vs Customer Success Story vs Case Studies

Chances are that you’re using these words interchangeably. That’s a common issue, but there’s actually a difference between customer testimonials vs customer success story vs case studies. And it’s more than you might think. We’ll break down why 2 out … Read More

Why use customer success stories on your website?

Why use customer success stories on your website? That feels like the million-pound question these days. I mean, do you really need client success stories? Is anyone going to read it? Well, the short answer is: ‘yes, but only if … Read More