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Introducing Wizu Advocacy (Private Beta)

Introducing Wizu Customer Success Stories (Private Beta)

Wizu Customer Success Stories is an easy way to demonstrate social proof on your web site from your best asset - your successful customers.

Wizu Customer Success Stories is built on the Wizu conversational survey platform that collects feedback from customers through a chat with a chatbot. Wizu uses powerful AI to ask your customer the right questions to automatically generate their Customer Success Story and testimonial. It's a fun and engaging experience your customers will love.

Customer Success Story (Early Example):

Story Gathering Made Easy

Automated chatbot led conversations

ENGAGING Conversations

Easy to use and engaging chatbots collect the right information from your customer

Pre-configured TEmplates

No training here.


Send invitations via SMS, email or connect with other Software Systems to automatically send out.

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The Customer Success Story

Create engaging Customer Success Stories in your customers' words


Build trust and authority in your brand by using the voice of your customer. Let your customers tell your prospects how good you are.


Intelligently present the best story for each potential customer based on the visitor profile


Easily send out invitations and let Wizu Advocacy do the work. Approve, edit and refine only


No need to hire external consultants or agencies, Wizu does all the work for you

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The Testimonial

Wizu will suggest a testimonial from the Customer Success Story

Generate engaging testimonials that are discoverable – click through to read the story behind the quote

Intelligently presented – display the best testimonial for each individual potential customer

Verified via Social

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Shareable Content

Create content as images, micro-pages or PDF's


Social media friendly content for sharing


Social media friendly content for sharing

Track activity

Identify what works and what works best

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