Simon Neve, CEO & Founder

We love feedback, it drives improvements and makes the world better place. It feels great to read detailed customer feedback that gives a clear picture of your customers' problems and reality.

In 2016 we had the opportunity start over and take a fresh look at getting feedback from customers. It was painful: surveys had become more boring and less trusted than ever. Surveys were regarded by many as spam. Over our 20 year history we've been responsible for sending 10's of millions of surveys - yikes!

There had to be a better way of collecting feedback.

We looked at previous survey methods such as face-to-face interviewing and telephone interviewing and realised that the human element was a vital component to the feedback experience. We took this inspiration and created the worlds first feedback chatbot Wizu, that mimicked the human by reacting to responses and asking intelligent follow-up questions.

Straight away respondents were engaged and actually enjoyed the surveys - they were asking to take another survey - this had never happened before ever!

The engaging feedback experience gives you higher completion rates and better quality data. Don't ever be embarrassed to send a survey again, join us and see for yourself how conversational feedback can help you.

You're in good company

Join hundreds of satisfied customers using our solutions globally.

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Our Mission

We are here to help you get the feedback you need.

We are committed to:

Providing all the assistance you need to get started with Wizu

Treating all customers, employees and partners equally and with respect

Ensuring your data is safe and secure

Our History

Wizu is built by Fusion Software Ltd, a UK based company who specialise in innovative solutions to collect feedback

  1. Established Fusion Software

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    After launching in 2001, we built Grader Windows for coders and the Grader Console for Market Research CATI call centres. In 2007 we built SelfCoder, a job classification tool built for real-time classification.

  2. Developed Mojo Surveys

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    In 2012 we developed Mojo Surveys, a survey solution built for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  3. Sold Mojo Surveys To Microsoft

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    In 2015 Microsoft bought the IP to Mojo Surveys. It was renamed as their Voice of the Customer Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  4. Developed Wizu

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    In 2016 we created the worlds first chatbot for feedback - Wizu. Over the next couple of years we added real-time text analytics, advanced AI and were recognised with multiple awards.

  5. The Future of Wizu

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    After building out a loyal customer base, Wizu has increased the number of integrations to become a leading CX and Customer Success feedback platform.