About Us

Voice of the Customer Pioneers

We have dedicated over 15 years to creating engaging customer experience solutions and continue to evolve and drive the industry forward.

Passionate about creating more engaging survey interactions

Our Mission

We built the first conversational customer experience platform to allow companies to create engaging feedback experiences. We want to rid the world of boring survey forms and bring brands and their customers closer together.

Our Vision

Through feedback we can all make a difference to the organisations we interact with and make the world a better place. A good feedback experience is positive for both the giver and receiver.

Our Why

We built Wizu, the first conversational survey, as a way to collect feedback without forms which are typically a CX negative experience. Conversational feedback amplifies all of the below.

We believe feedback is a driving force for positive change

We believe giving feedback should be a positive experience for both parties

We believe successful customer feedback re-enforces a relationship

We believe feedback from an engaged customer is richer and better quality

We believe conversational surveys replicate the human experience of giving feedback

From The Founder

I have worked in the Market Research and CRM industries for over 20 years, developing tools to gather feedback from respondents to drive behaviour change.

After selling the IP for our Mojo Surveys product to Microsoft in 2015, I wanted to create a new and unique way of collecting feedback from customers using a conversational interface.

I am proud to lead the way in our conversational feedback revolution and love how both our customers and respondents have embraced the tool. We continue to evolve our platform to offer the ultimate in voice of the customer platforms that deliver truly engaging experiences.

Our History

Wizu is the latest innovation from Fusion Software. We are a UK based company who specialise in innovative solutions in the voice of the customer sector.

  1. Established Fusion Software

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    After launching in 2001, we built Grader Windows for coders and the Grader Console for Market Research CATI call centres. In 2007 we built SelfCoder, a job classification tool built for real-time classification.

  2. Developed Mojo Surveys

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    In 2012 we developed Mojo Surveys. The following year we launched CRM Progress Board before in 2015 Microsoft bought the IP of Mojo Surveys to integrate in their Dynamics CRM product as Voice of the Customer.

  3. Developed Wizu

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    In 2016 we created the worlds first chatbot for feedback - Wizu. Over the next couple of years we added real-time text analytics, advanced AI and were recognised with multiple awards.

  4. The Future of Wizu

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    After building out a loyal customer base, Wizu is now expanding to be a full Customer Experience Platform utilising Customer Experience Maps. Our CX kit-bag now includes relational and transactional templates across multiple industries, along with website pop ups, workflows and a range of tools to help companies deliver exceptional customer experience.