Product Story

About Wizu

In 2016 we had the opportunity to build a better survey tool, and so we started making Wizu, a conversational survey tool that collects customer experience feedback in an engaging way. Respondents love interacting with a chatbot that listens and reacts based on their feedback.

Magical transcripts

We thought it would be neat and fun to view the responses as a transcript of the conversation between the chatbot and the end customer.

When we did, something magical happened. Our clients told us the transcripts “got you closer to the customer”, and they could “walk in the customer’s shoes”. These transcripts somehow brought the data to life, and it was possible to see the whole experience from the respondent’s viewpoint.

Some surveys produced more ‘magic’ than others, and it took us a while to work out what was going on. Where customers were recounting their experience in chronological order of their customer journey, they told their stories. Eureka! The magic was, of course, the power of story. Transcripts were a form of raw storytelling.

Customer Stories are marketing gold.

The stories collected for our clients were proving to be marketing gold. There were stories of Customer Service Agents going above and beyond their jobs to deliver amazing experiences being told in the most authentic ways possible: from the customers themselves in their language. Customers explaining the impact the organization had on their lives in emotional terms were compelling. Our clients used these stories to communicate points at the board level, where data just didn’t cut it.

Our clients pointed out that the results were better than their existing case studies on their website, so they started re-contacting their customers to ask if they could use their feedback as testimonials, success stories and re-formatted case studies.

Our customers challenged us.

The challenge was this: could we consistently collect this compelling social proof and easily publish the stories? Could we overcome permission problems and the general hassle of collecting stories?

At Wizu, we spent the next three years researching the science of stories and speaking to various customers and leaders about the problems they faced. Major companies like Salesforce and Apple use stories extensively throughout their product marketing, but the cost in terms of time and hassle meant it was a luxury for most other organizations.

We want to make customer stories accessible to all B2B organizations.

Introducing Wizu Stories

Wizu Stories is our solution to meet that challenge.

Using our experience in building Wizu surveys, we created chatbot scripts to collect the customer experience in an engaging way using tried and tested storytelling techniques.

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