What’s the best way to target clients to give you Customer Success Stories?

Skilful marketers understand the true power of Customer Success Stories. 97% of B2B customers cited testimonials and peer recommendations as the most reliable type of content. (Demand Gen Report)

So…when you first begin gathering customer success stories, your first step is to think which stories do you need to meet your marketing strategy. 

Your sales team own your strongest client relationships

Figuring out which clients will provide you with a customer story is challenging when you don’t own and manage the client relationships. It can be difficult to know who will work with you to deliver a customer story or case study. 

While your sales team always love customer success stories, their enthusiasm may not be matched by their willingness to help. Supporting the story-gathering process means committing their own time and effort, which they are generally short on. Obviously, you need to drill down on the best clients to approach, but it can be difficult to book in time with your busy sales team.

The best customer stories come from your most loyal, highly satisfied customers. 

However, judging which of your accounts is the most loyal can be challenging. If you rely on your sales team to drive this process, you rely on human accuracy to recommend your best accounts. Clearly, this process is open to human error or personal preference and not always 100% efficient and reliable.

Your Customer Success story targeting process

Relying on your sales team to drive your customer success stories can leave you with a customer success database that isn’t closely matched to the type of clients you want to target. Using Wizu overcomes this and shortcuts the process. Using the platform to auto analyse which of your customers is most likely to provide you positive feedback cuts down your admin and targets a segment of more optimal client stories. 

First, send your clients a Wizu Relationship Assessment survey. This short and engaging assessment includes the Net Promoter Score question, which provides useful insights on your most satisfied customers. If the clients are promoters Wizu can ask how they would be willing to advocate for you: a story, a video, a reference, or speak at an event.

Wizu then collates and reviews the results, suggesting the best customer story opportunities for you based on the NPS Score and other answers in the assessment.

Laser-focused, data-driven customer targeting

Adopting an automated approach that’s based on previous data analytics builds an efficient process that drives faster, stronger results. Building feedback collection into the end of your customer satisfaction journey ensures a constant supply of premium customer stories coming into your company. Cutting down on all the tracking and admin involved enables you to gear up without facing chaos or capacity issues.

Adopt the right strategy to build your customer story bank

Wizu can also be used to collect customer story suggestions internally from your own sales team. This smart approach also enables you to identify gaps in your story bank – Which of your customer segments are not well represented. Which objections don’t you have covered with a story? Which segments are we oversupplying on?

Taking this strategic approach right from the beginning enables you to build out a highly targeted sales library.

Optimise your customer targeting process to drive the best results

Using Wizu platform right from the first step in the process right to the end saves you time and effort. Wizu manages and drives your entire story-gathering process saving you time and effort. This delivers the strongest, most persuasive and targeted customer story library you can build.