Customer Success Story Template

You probably get why you should have success stories. They’ll help you acquire more customers through relatable social proof. And you probably have an inkling that they’re the evolved form of case studies.  But do you know what it takes to get great success stories? Maybe not. If you’re looking for customer success story templates and examples, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you with the right customer success questions to ask so you have all the ammunition you need to draft a great success story for your website.

But first, some ground rules:

  1. You’re making a great story, first and foremost. It needs to be fun to read.
  2. Your goal is to address challenges you know your clients have.
  3. You can’t put words in people’s mouths. The story must be authentic.
  4. You want to set their mind at ease. Point out the elephant in the room and address it.

Step 1: Go full Luke Skywalker and introduce your client as the hero of their story.

Brag about who they are, what they do and what their values and beliefs are. Big them up. And before you think your company is the hero… you’re not. You’re the Yoda in this Star Wars analogy. You’re the wise mentor who helped them along their path.

Step 1 template: Your client is XXX. They’ve been doing XXX for XXX years and helped XXX clients achieve XXX. And their goal is to XXX. They believe XXX is the key to XXX.

Step 2: Customer Success Story Templates from A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Really get your readers to feel here. They need to emotionally connect with the problem your client was facing. If you empathise with Darth Vader (because he turned out okay in the end, *spoilers for a really old movie*), then use The Emperor as an analogy. You want your readers to have nothing but contempt for the problem your client faced.

Step 2 template: Your client had XXX problem with XXX. And that made it impossible for them to do XXX. So, XXX was needed to fix the issue.

Step 3: Yoda comes in to help Luke Skywalker, so here’s your cue

Go full Dagobah and explain in detail how you helped Luke defeat Darth Vader (or The Emperor). This should be using your customer’s own words, including emoji’s and slang if they use them. If it’s relatable, it will be more shareable. There’s great software we offer to help you do just that with chatbots. Tell the story warts and all. Did anything have a hiccup? How did you sort it?

Step 3 template: Our company suggested XXX to help with XXX problems. Thanks to our company XXX no longer has XXX issues. Our XXX solution allows them to XXX, XXX and XXX.

Step 4: Hooray! There’s a huge Endor party to celebrate the win.

Here you share what the results of your solution were. And be specific. What is working better? How are sales improved? Have they booked you for more work? Tie it back to the goals and values you mentioned in Step 1. 

Step 4 template: After implementing XXX from our company, XXX are up XXX percent. They have realised their goal of XXX. And now they are able to do XXX.

If you need help telling authentic stories through clever tech, let’s talk about Wizu Customer Success Stories.