The Wizu Zapier Integration Is Now Live

The Wizu Zapier Integration Is Now Live

We are excited to announce that our Zapier integration is now live. Combine engaging, conversational surveys with the power of Zapier integrations to transform your customer experience.

Zapier is a solution that lets you “zap” data from one application to another and trigger specific actions. Companies using multiple platforms to support different functions can utilise Zapier to seamlessly move data between different applications and trigger actions. Setting up Zaps requires no coding skills and offers some amazing solutions to improve the customer experience and increase customer success.

Take a look at some example Wizu Zaps here

Zapier can help make your Wizu response data even more actionable by automatically triggering actions in systems that your company is already using.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how Wizu & Zapier can work together to help you:

Share Data With Your Team

Share your response data via Slack so that everyone in your company can instantly see results and take action if required.

Close The Loop

Why not create a workflow to automatically create a ticket in your CRM if a respondent scores you 6 or below. Integrate with the likes of Salesforce or Zendesk and create a fully automated customer support system. Or create a Trello card from responses giving you 9 or 10 to encourage a member of staff to reach out personally for a testimonial.

Automate Invitations

Generate survey invitations automatically following new orders in Magento or after closing a LiveChat conversation.

Zapier has hundreds of apps available in their directory allowing you to get as creative and productive as you want. Set up your integration today and become a happy zapper!