Wizu Adds Zapier Integration, Tagging, Live Support & More

Summer has come early at Wizu with our big platform update going live today with a number of new features.

Zapier Is Here

We are excited to announce that our Zapier integration is now live! Zapier is an online tool that connects your apps and services. It allows you to easily create integrations between your existing systems through a simple interface. With Wizu and Zapier, you can trigger surveys from specific events, share results, automate follow up activities and more.

Zapier allows you to connect over 2000 applications, covering a wide range of use cases such as;

  • Send out surveys after customer issues are resolved: Send a survey when a Zendesk issue is resolved to help ensure your support team are offering the best possible experience.
  • Connect your response data to your CRM: Pass your survey response data directly through to CRMs such as Salesforce or collect leads to update tools like MailChimp.
  • Share Survey Results: Get slack notifications when a response is collected, create a task in Trello or push survey responses into Google Sheets.

Wizu will be going live on the Zapier App Marketplace in the coming weeks but if you want early access or to find out more get in touch with us at hello@wizu.com

Activity Feed – Flow UI

The activity feed has been given a make over with a new alternative view now available. This offers an improved feedback discover experience with a quick overview of the respondent, the overall metric, any tags and internal comments. The previous grid view is also still available.

Automated and Manual Tagging

As part of this feedback flow view we have also added additional tagging functionality. Responses are tagged automatically based on topic and sentiment allowing you additional filtering options. You can also add your own manual tags.

Improved Help With Intercom

We have added live chat functionality within the Wizu portal so if you need help in a hurry you can simply chat with one of our support staff live within the portal. Simply click the icon in the bottom corner to start a chat or submit a support request.

Stay tuned for more exciting Intercom based updates coming soon. *hint – it might well be another integration.

Best of the Rest

Added automated ‘Other’ option

Automatically add an ‘other option that prompts the customer to enter free text. This means you no longer need to add an additional open text question and set up routing, it is all done automatically for you.

Delete Users

Admins can now delete unwanted users from their account from the user management page.

UX Improvements

Many more minor UX improvements including ‘Most Recently Used’ survey menu items and an improved log-in experience.