The Wizu Spring release is here and there are some amazing
new features now live in the platform. Let’s take a look at some of the


A significant addition to the Wizu platform, our new Maps
feature allows you to create a customer journey map in Wizu. You can create
multiple stages, assign touchpoints and add relevant scales to each touchpoint.

From this map Wizu can automatically generate a survey using your touchpoints and scales with options to enable AI probing around touchpoint keywords.

Once you start collecting responses your data will then be
visible on your map view so you can see customer satisfaction across each
journey stage and touchpoint. Text and sentiment analysis will also assign
verbatim comments to each touchpoint and provide you deeper analysis.

Wizu Customer Experience Feedback Maps will allow you to
bring your customer journey to life and help identify pain points and prioritise


New simple configuration for what happens at the end of the survey allowing you to define social sharing options, complaint handling, links to review sites and more.

New Bot Template

We have added a new survey/bot template which features
larger fonts, a progress bar, background colour tints and more.

User Feedback

We want to know what you think about Wizu and any suggestions for new feature or improvements, Click the ‘?’ icon in the portal to talk to Wizu and give us your feedback.