UK National Innovation Awards 2020 Finalist

UK National Innovation Awards 2020 Finalist

We are product to announce that Wizu has been selected as a finalist for the Innovations in Customer Feedback category at the UK National Innovation Awards 2020.

Commenting on the announcement of the 2020 Finalists, Jon Snow, founder of Directors Club and chair of the UK National Innovation Awards judging panel stated:

“Every year the UK National Innovation Awards become more relevant to business health, economic growth, and the prosperity of us all. Innovation improves customer experiences, enhances employees’ working lives, makes business more productive, and created new ways to live, work and engage with the world. Our finalists, through their innovations, all contribute to improving and enhancing the world around them. Congratulations to to you all.”

Date & Time Of The Live Final

The final results will be announced in a live webinar at 1.30pm GMT on Tuesday, March 24th.

Judging Process

Over 150 judges have been recruited from the Directors Club membership. All are business-centric leaders, in roles pertinent to the categories, from end -user organisations.

The judges will use a common scoring criteria to assess each of the Finalist “Our Innovation” video submissions with each judge nominating a single winner and a single runner-up. Each winner nomination gets 2 points and each runner-up nomination gets 1 point. The finalist with the highest points total is the winner.

About The National Innovation Awards

The UK National Innovation Awards (the Nationals) have been designed by the Directors’ Club United Kingdom to recognise business technology innovations and their impact on customer experience, employee engagement, operations performance, product creation, and profitable growth.

As technology and innovation are at the heart of this initiative, it was decided to totally reimagine the concept of B2B recognition and award giving.

The outcome is a unique programme that uses an all-digital platform to execute the entire awards process (with the exception of mailing the winner’s trophy).

The aim is to have as-near-as-possible a zero carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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