What Is Customer Support?

Customer support is designed to assist customers to get the
most out of a product or service. It can cover areas such as help in planning,
training, troubleshooting and more. The term technical support is often used around
electronic products but ultimately it is anywhere that a customer is looking
for help to get the most out of their product or service.

Customer Support can take place on a number of different
channels from phone support, live chat, email support, social media and more. However
the support is provided, the customers needs should be at the forefront of
every interaction.

The Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Support

Customer Support is often treated as meaning the same thing
as customer service but actually there are some subtle differences. The term
customer service has been around for a long time and is essentially used to describe
the assistance provided by a company to the customers using their products or

Customer Support is a more recent term that is closely
related to technology and a focus on helping customers to use products and
services effectively and efficiently. Some see customer support as simply a
large element of the overall customer service experience.

How Customer Support Is Offered

Customer Support does not always have to be an employee
engaging directly with a customer. Often this can be via several channels such
as online tutorials, help videos, faq’s and more. However, customer support
agents still play a vital role in solving issues, whether handling online
tickets, managing online chat or dealing with issues over the phone.

No matter what channel the support comes from, it is important
that companies make it as easy and efficient as possible for customers to find
the answer they need.

Why Customer Support Is Important

To grow your business, you need happy and engaged customers
who will remain loyal. Customer Support can influence these factors more than
any other function in your business. By helping your customers resolve an issue
or get more from your product you are increasing the likelihood they will
remain a customer and also the chance of them referring new customers.

How To Measure and Improve Customer Support

As more companies expand their customer support offering it
becomes increasingly important that they ensure they are delivering an
excellent support experience. This can often be a large source of customer
frustration and by collecting feedback around the support interactions they can
ensure customers are happy across all touchpoints.

Collecting customer feedback around your customer support
will help you identify problem areas. Measuring metrics like customer satisfaction
or customer effort score gives you a indicator of your overall performance
while utilising text analytics can highlight themes to help you implement
specific changes to improve the experience.

Wizu and Customer Support

Wizu understands the importance of Customer Support and that
is why we have specific survey templates built around Customer Support. Our pre
built Customer Support Journey Map identifies common touchpoints which you can
customise for your individual use case. Then you can automatically generate a survey
from these touchpoints and once your data starts coming in you get a visual representation
of the customer experience across all your touchpoints.

Get in touch with us today to see a demo of our Customer Support template in action.