Our Winter release is out and with it comes some significant
changes to the Wizu portal. Wizu has been given a bit of a make over and some new
functionality has been added to improve the product further. So let’s take a
look at what’s new…

New User Interface

Our shiny new user interface has been re-imagined with user
experience in mind. Changes have been made to make it easier to create, edit
and share surveys along with a new homepage dashboard, giving you the key information
you need in one place.

Classic form Based Bot

We love a conversational interface but understand there
might be certain occasions where you might want to revert a more traditional style
of survey. You now have the option to configure a bot to have a ‘classic’ survey
UI, without the conversational flow. You can still use all the amazing
functionality Wizu has to offer but presented in a more traditional interface.

Auto Translate

We can now offer auto-translate functionality which allows
you to set a language and Wizu will automatically translate the entire survey
into that language. Multiple languages within one survey and more functionality
will be coming in our next big release. Excelente!

Embed first question in email

When using a Customer Experience template such as NPS, CSAT
or CES, the first satisfaction question can now be included as part of an invitation
email. Respondent can select the score and the survey will open and carry on
the conversation.

Plus More

  • Guide to Routing: A new help resource with an explanation of all the routing options available including a dedicated section to explain the AI routing functionality.
  • SMS Link Shortener: Create short URL’s to maximise the message content.

Now is the time to take another look at Wizu. Arrange your demo to see the new functionality in action and to find out how you can start your survey revolution with Wizu today.