Conversational Surveys Vs Traditional Surveys

Conversational Surveys Vs Traditional Surveys

At Wizu we are clearly big fans of the conversational survey. We truly believe they are the innovation that both companies and customers have been crying out for. But we would that wouldn’t we! So, we thought it might sound better if it wasn’t us saying it. That is why we decided to launch a case study that did a direct comparison of the Wizu conversational survey platform and a traditional survey platform. No claims or fancy slogans, just pure facts.

To do this we looked at the impact the survey interface had on the quality of feedback, they survey experience, the level of actionable insight and more

The Scenario

The scenario selected for the comparison was a hotel, post visit, satisfaction survey. We selected this scenario as it was a simple subject that most people could relate to and would be easy to recruit for.

The Audience

An independent panel provider was used to gain a representative sample of respondents with an even distribution by gender, age and location. Around 500 responses were gathered through each survey.

The Measurements

The results looked at the quality of feedback gained through each platform, focusing on areas such as the amount of actionable insight. An additional section of the survey was used to collect feedback on the actual survey experience itself.

The Findings

You can look at our full breakdown of all the findings on our case study page. View that HERE.

However, below is a handy, bite size version which runs through the main findings and what they mean.