Why Is Customer Success Important?

Why Is Customer Success Important?

Every business owner wants their organisation to be successful. Every employee within an organisation wants to be successful in their role. However, these two things are completely dependent on a third party. In order to be a successful business they need to ensure their customers are being successful. So, what exactly is customer success and why is it so important?

What Is Customer Success?

The definition of customer success is essentially a business methodology that is focused on ensuring customers achieve desired outcomes when using your service or product. It is worth keeping in mind though that you and your customers might have different definitions of success.

With customer success you need to anticipate customer challenges and offer proactive solutions before they arrive.

What is the difference between customer service and Customer Success?

Some organisations use the terms customer service and customer success interchangeable, but the truth is they are different disciplines that require different mindsets. One of the key differences is that customer support is reactive, whereas customer success is proactive. With customer support you are often reacting to the customer needs whereas the focus of customer success is to offer a more proactive guidance to help them achieve their goals. Customer success is an on-going process with no definitive endpoint whereas customer support is often transactional.

How do you measure Customer Success?

Customer support metrics will often look at measuring areas as the speed or quality of support interactions through measurements like Customer Effort Score. These transactional surveys don’t usually take into account what happened before or after the customer interaction. When looking to measure customer success metrics, the focus moved the wider business impact such as customer retention, repeat purchase rate or long-term business metrics. You might look at overall business metrics such as number of customers but you can also look at getting feedback on the customers relationship with your brand or measuring the experience across the whole customer journey. To manage your customer success strategy it is essential you look for the right customer success software and tools. For example, Wizu allows you proactively engage with your customers at any stage in the customer journey to either provide resources and assistance or to collect feedback to help you measure and improve the experience.

Who should care about Customer Success?

Basically, anyone who has customers should be interested in customer success. As it becomes more difficult and more expensive to acquire new customers, it is vital that you focus on keeping your existing customers. This has the added benefit of your customers becoming your advocates.

Why is Customer Success important?

Let’s bring this back to the initial question we were looking at here. Why is customer success important? When it comes down to it, if your customers thrive then everyone wins. Giving your customers a positive experience means your company builds long lasting relationships that will drive your reputation and minimise customer churn. Customer success helps you increase customer happiness and retention which ultimately leads to increased revenue and customer loyalty. Customer Success can help you better understand the customer experience. By focusing on the ways your customers use your products or services you will better understand the how, understand the why and use data to ensure the customer.