How To Build Successful Customer Effort Score Surveys

Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys are a great way to identify where customers might be experiencing high levels of effort with your organisation which can impact on customer loyalty. These surveys should be sent directly after specific touchpoints or interactions like a transaction or customer service interaction.

By asking a customer how easy it was to get their issue resolved you can get an indication of if they will return as a customer. You can also expand on this to ask why they rated the interaction easy or difficult to help identify how to improve or to close the loop on the interaction.

There are a number of ways you can ensure your CES surveys are set up to be as successful as possible.

Make It Simple

You need to find a balance between keeping your survey short and simple but also generating enough insight to make them useful. A metric alone is not going to help you identify the customer pain points, but a 20 minute long survey is going to limit the completion rate and potentially annoy your customers. At Wizu we suggest asking your main metric question along with a couple of open text follow ups that can utilise the Wizu Intelligent Probing to get a deeper level of insight and provide a more personalised interaction.

Make It Engaging

Over half of online interactions now happen on mobile devices so it is vital that your CES surveys are optimised for mobile. You should also try to make the survey interface match your overall brand tone and style to keep the experience consistent.

Automate The Process

Ideally you should be automating your survey process so that invitations are sent out directly after an interaction with a customer service agent or after a specific touchpoint. Wizu allows you to integrate with your CRM or via APIs to automate these triggers and pass through customer specific information, such as order information or agent details.

Take Action

The results of your survey should be shared across all departments and with those who can take action in your organisation.  Wizu allows you to create automated workflows that can notify specific members of staff relevant to the issues raised in your surveys. For example, if a customer is complaining about your support team then you might want to notify the Head of Customer Support. You can also let the respondent know this is being followed up on or even close the loop as part of the feedback experience.

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