Whats New With Wizu In 2018

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Whats New With Wizu In 2018

2017 has been a fantastic year for Wizu with us scooping the Voice of the Customer award at the UK National Innovation Awards and having a hugely successful trip to Dreamforce to launch our Salesforce integration. Behind the scenes are developers are constantly working on new improvements and features and the last few months have been no exception.

Our latest round of releases include the following:

New Artificial Intelligence Functionality

We have been working hard to expand the AI utilized in Wizu and have added some exciting new functionality. AI now allows you to route a conversation depending the sentiment of a response. So from an open text response such as ‘The service was poor’, Wizu can analyse the text in real time and allow you to react or route depending on if the customer has been positive or negative. You can take this a level further by combining the sentiment with word group routings. So in the above scenario is the customer mentioned a word related to ‘service’ and the sentiment was negative you can route to a specific set of questions about ways to improve the service. This allows you to delve so much deeper in the customer experience and create a much more personalized survey experience.

This functionality also allows you to assign owners to different keyword groups. So if someone is negative about your customer service or your sales team you can dynamically reference the team member responsible and even create a notification to inform them that the negative comment has been received. This allows you to close the loop with the customer and create actionable insight from your surveys.

New Reporting Views

As well as improving the conversation experience we are always looking at ways to offer more reporting options and so have introduced a number of new reports. Firstly, there is now a counter available on your survey overview page showing you the number of total responses and number of responses that week, allowing you to see an overview of all conversations.

There is also now a full range of dashboards available for each specific survey, alongside the universal Insights that were previously available. See a visual overview of your key metrics or choose from a range of charts on a question by question basis to see how your respondents have answered and your changes have impacted results.

There is also now an Activity Feed which shows you a real time feed of responses coming in across all surveys. Coming soon you will also be able to view each conversation in that chat format to relive the conversation through the eyes of the respondent.

New Routing Options

Wizu has always offered industry leading routing options but we continue to expand the offering to cover a huge range of potential use cases. New routing options include:

Route By Device: Unlock different questions or statements depending on the type of device your customer is using.

Route By Previous Response: Route the conversation depending on responses given earlier on in the conversation to offer an even deeper level of personalization.

Route Backwards: Give your respondent the opportunity to go back to previous dialogues – useful for customer support, FAQ’s and a number of other scenarios.

Route By Multiple Choice: React or route differently depending on any combination of multiple choice responses.

There are plenty more new features that have also been released on more on the horizon. The only way to get a true idea of the amazing things that Wizu can do is to give it a try so if you are not already a customer then get in touch with us today!



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